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Hey Guys, I have this book on my rarely active Wattpad, and thought I'd bring it over here to see how it'll turn out. You guys want a one-shot? Tell me in the comments and I'll write it! For more info, see the first chapter!


3. Loki's Date (TonyStark AKA Iron Man X Loki)

"Amora, I don't need a date." Loki told his friend, arms crossed as he watched her utterly destroy his neatly sorted dresser and closet to find the best clothing he owned for a date she had set up behind his back.

"Yes you do! I'm getting tired of you being single! You complain to much and it's getting annoying." Amora replied, throwing yet another one of Loki's neatly folded shirts into a heap on the floor, making the god wince slightly.

"Then I'll stop complaining, just stop wreaking havoc upon my bedroom for nothing. I'm not going." Loki replied, picking up a pair of jeans and beginning to fold them.

"You and I both know you can't stop complaining if your life depended on it. You're going and that's final." Then looking back at Loki, she added "Those jeans are perfect by the way, wear those."

"I'm not going, I don't know who you've set me up with, how do you know it'll go well?" Loki asked.

"I don't actually know who I set you up with, and I know it will go well because you only have to go on this one date." Amora told him. "If you hate it, you don't have to go on a second one."

"How do you not know?!" Loki replied shocked. "You set this up!"

"I set it up with help." Amora said, as if trying to hide something.

"Who's help?" Loki asked, catching on instantly.

"Thor's. I told him you were looking for a new boyfriend, and he said he knew some one else he thought you would like, so we set up a date." Amora replied.

"I can't believe this! Why didn't you tell me?! Why are you even talking to Thor?!" Loki asked, beginning to show his frustration.

"Because, he's going through a rough patch with Jane, so I'm taking it as an opportunity to show him how much I care!" Amora replied. "Look, I'm just trying to help you! I can tell you're lonely, you can't lie to me about it!"

Loki sighed. "Fine, I'll go. What should I wear?"

"Those black skinny jeans you had earlier were perfect....uh..." Amora threw a few more shirts onto the floor before she picked out a black dress shirt and a dark green tie with decorative chain on it. "Ooh! And this, definitely this!"

"Thank you, now please leave so I can change." Loki replied in a bored tone.

"Okay, but I'll be just outside your door, I'm gonna do your hair." Amora grinned as she left the room. Then as she reached the door she turned back to Loki. "Wear your leather jacket too, it makes you sexier."

"Alright, now let me change." Loki told her, waiting for her to close the door. 

After he was finished getting dressed Amora did his long hair and told him when and where to meet his date. When it was time, Loki showed up at the restraunt, pleased that for once Thor and Amora had set him up with a man who had taste. The restaurant was expensive, fancy and Italian. Loki walked in and told them the table he was supposed to go to. When he arrived at the table he was supposed to meet his date at, his jaw dropped.

"Reindeer games?" Asked the man before him, the man named Tony Stark.

"What?" Loki pulled himself together enough to ask.

"Thor set us up, right? Thor and that...Alora...girl?" He asked.

"Yes, it's Amora by the way." Loki replied. "I must admit that for once I'm not completely disgusted."

"Let's see if I can impress you?" Tony replied, pulling out a chair and gesturing for Loki to sit down.

"Yes, let's." Loki replied as he sat down, a smile already spreading over his face.

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