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Hey Guys, I have this book on my rarely active Wattpad, and thought I'd bring it over here to see how it'll turn out. You guys want a one-shot? Tell me in the comments and I'll write it! For more info, see the first chapter!


1. Information Center (Please at least skim through this before requesting, it makes for easier understanding!)


You all know what a fandom is right? If yes, good, if not it's a group of fans of a certain thing (The Harry Potter fandom for example, address themselves and each other as 'Potterheads'). I only have Fandoms on this list that I feel comfortable in my ability to write about, if you don't see the one you want tell me and if I know it I'll do my best, but don't be offended if I haven't seen or don't like your Fandom's thing. Here's the list:

Black Butler

Death Note

Dragon Ball Z (I'm not finished, so bear with me here)

Fairy Tail

Soul Eater

Ouran Highschool

 Host Club


The Devil Is A Part-Timer!



Doctor Who (I'm still on 9, so bear with me)



Harry Potter

The Lord Of The Rings / The Hobbit

The Avengers (Movie verse until I get around to reading some comics)

Fantastic Four (Movie verse. I need to get reading, I know.)


If I missed one, please ask NICELY and I might be able to write you something. Just don't freak out if I can't.



In order for me to write you a nice story, I gotta know what you want or it's gonna get ugly (or not, if ya like yaoi ;) ). Below are the stories I can right, let me know if you have other ideas and I'll see what I can do, okay? Here's what I can do:

____ X Reader

Ever just wanted a fictional character to fall in love with you? I'll grant that wish! I just need:

The Character you want to be with: (e.g L from Death Note)

How you would describe yourself (physically, if you're uncomfortable with this put N/A): 

How you would describe yourself: (personality wise, this will help me know what you might do in the situation of the story) (e.g Sassy, bold, quiet, shy etc.,)

Any preferences? (optional):


Yaoi (Boy x Boy)

You want two boys to get together? Just ask and I'll make it happen!

Boy 1: (Top if necessary in the story, if not boy 1 and boy 2 are interchangeable) (e.g Dean from Supernatural)

Boy 2: (bottom if necessary) (e.g Castiel from Supernatural)

Preferences? (optional): (e.g they have been dating for a while/they are confessing their love for eachother in the story)


Yuri (Girl x Girl)

See two chicks who look cute together? You know who to call!

Same format as Yaoi (boy x boy) just with girls instead of boys.

Pairings (Boy x Girl)

Let's not leave out the straight couples.

Same as Yuri and Yaoi, just with a boy and a girl.

O.C Stories (Original Characters)

Have a character in mind, but not the story? Lucky I'm here, eh?

Name of Character:


Physical appearance:


If for fandom, what fandom?:

Any additional information (optional, but it helps):

Preferences? (optional):

Short Stories

Got a prompt? You know where to send it!

General story idea:

Any characters?:



Asks (You ask a question to a character or characters and I'll do my best to answer as them)

Now's your chance to ask anything you wanted to. 






Sorry, but I gotta lay down some ground rules here.

1. Don't get me kicked of Movellas. I'm not sure if that happens, but I don't want to find out that way.

2. Be respectful. I can't read minds, neither can I be in every fandom. Don't hate me cause I didn't like S.A.O (Sword Art Online).

3. Please don't use to much text talk, I don't understand most of it and I feel like an idiot asking what you're saying. We all know how to use words here, so please use them.


Request Away!




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