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Hey Guys, I have this book on my rarely active Wattpad, and thought I'd bring it over here to see how it'll turn out. You guys want a one-shot? Tell me in the comments and I'll write it! For more info, see the first chapter!


2. Dark Days (Short Story) (Requested by The Yeti)

The story takes place in a middle ages like kingdom, but with modern technology. I decided to write it as a fantasy because that's what I usually read, so I know more about that genre than sci-fi. I also changed the president to the king, but they have the same role. I hope that's okay? I hope you like it!


Blood. Blood everywhere. 

The knights had received a call from a frantic teen late that afternoon. The girl was blabbering on saying things like 'they're all dead', 'So much blood.' and 'He's coming for me' over and over again. By the time the knights had arrived, the girl was long dead, as was everyone in the small village of Paisley Lake. Everyone except Naomi Yearling. When the police arrived, she was covered in blood and curled into a corner. 

For a while the knights could get nothing but frightened ramblings out of the girl. When they were eventually able to calm her down enough to make sense, the only thing she would say was: "Hardt! Hardt Hemlet! He killed them all!"

Hardt Hemlet was quickly taken into custody and locked in the dungeons to await his trial. Less than an hour after he had been taken into custody, Hardt's brother Heath came to see him. The pair had to convince that Naomi had done this, and that they had less than a week to prove it or Hardt would be jailed for life.

On the day of the trial, Hardt, Heath, Naomi and her lawyer stood before a jury, pleading their cases. Naomi, pleaded that Hardt had killed the people with an instrument known as the 'Death Ierocis' that had the ability to maul up to twenty people at once. Hardt pleaded that he was framed, and that if Naomi's house was searched, they would find the weapon in her possession. Naomi, knowing she was innocent, willingly allowed them to search her home.

They found the Death Ierocis underneath one of the floorboards in  Naomi's hallway. Without so much as considering there might be other evidence, they sentenced Naomi to a life in prison and allowed Hardt to walk free. This was a mistake.

That night, Naomi sat in her cell, wallowing in her sorrow and musing the thought of breaking out and getting revenge on the Hemlet twins. Suddenly, she heard a sound. Not a sound you would normally hear in a dungeon. It was the sound of the Death Ierocis doing it's foul work. Naomi had thought that in jail she would be safe from that evil contraption, but as blood stained the ground outside her cell, she knew she had been wrong. The cell door slowly, creeped open, revealing Heath and Hardt Hemlet. The girl had hardly begun to scream, when the weapon silenced her for all of eternity. Now phase three of their plan could begin.

In truth, Hardt had been responsible for the murders that had taken place in Paisley Lake, they had framed Naomi, and more recently, killed her. They were part of a terrorist group, and were far from finished their work. Now came the final stage of their plan.

"My king! There is someone here to see you! They claim it's an emergency, shall we let them in?" A guard asked, his head sticking into the throne room through a small gap between the doors.

"What kind of emergency?" The king asked, secretly paranoid of assassins.

The guard left for only a moment. "Terrorism sir."

"Let them in." He replied, straightening himself on his throne.

The twins were rushed into the room, everything was going according to plan. Before the guards could stop them, they had already killed the king with the Death Ierocis. Just when they thought they had gotten away, something didn't go according to plan. One of the much younger, and more agile guards was able to disarm the pair with minimal injury. The pair was unable to escape.

The next day, the kingdom, eager for vengeance decided to execute the criminals who had killed their king. They were set to be beheaded and asked for their last words (only as a formality of course). What Hardt said set shivers down their spines.

"This is only the beginning, don't expect safety for much longer."



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