The Concert Where We Met



Who knew that hurting Harry Styles would change the 18 year old Hannah Jones' life forever?


Hannah and her best friend, Lilly have been waiting for years to go to a One Direction concert and finally they're going. It was supposed to be the night of their lives, but misunderstandings and bad things happen during the concert.

But as we say: Everything happens for at reason, right?


32. Sorry

Hannah's P.O.V.

"Hannah. Wake up," a quiet voice said. I slowly opened my eyes and saw two green eyes right in front of my face. It was completely dark in the room. I smiled. "Is it morning yet?" I whispered. Harry stood still and answered: "Not yet, I just wanted to check that you were okay."

I giggled and looked at the clock. "Harry! It's 4 in the morning, if you can even call it morning!" I whisper-yelled at him.

"You're right. Goodnight love," he said and kissed my cheek.

"Good night Hazza," I answered and closed my eyes agin holding on to Harry's hand.

*Next morning* (Or it's the same day but you know what I mean ;-))

"Okay Hannah Jones, you can leave the hospital every time you want," a very friendly doctor said to me and smiled. He was the first person here at the hospital I actually liked. He seemed very nice.

"Thank you Sir," Harry answered for me. I smiled at him. It was so good to be back with him. It was great to have him by my side. He always have been by my side and that I was very grateful for.

"Well, time to go home baby," Harry said to me as we walked out of the room to check out.

"Yeah, finally," I breathed. I hated hospitals and I never wanted to go to one again. I took Harry's hand and he entwined our fingers. I looked up at him and smiled. So romantic, I thought.

We checked out of the hospital and went to Harry's Range Rover. Hundreds of paparazzis surrounded his car but as soon as they saw us they all turned around and ran toward us taking thousands of pictures. Harry took of his jacket and laid it around my shoulders. We quickly got to the car. A couple of people pulled in me but Harry pushed them away.

"What happened to you?"

"Why were everyone at the hospital?"

"Why did Hannah's parents leave yesterday?"

"Why are you even here?"

"Are you okay?"

Harry's P.O.V.

Everybody yelled questions but there was one question that caught my attention:

"Is Hannah pregnant? Is that why she was at the hospital? Or did she give Harry HIV?"

I stopped and turned around with Hannah close to me.

"Who said that?!" I yelled loudly and angry.

"Harry," Hannah whispered sadly, "It doesn't matter." I could see she looked sad. She was strong but these kind of comments were not okay.

A tall man came closer and snapped a quick picture of me.

"I asked asked about that," he said proudly. He was very big. He had a beard and short black hair. He was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans.

"Harry, let's go," Hannah said and pulled in my shirt but I pulled her back and looked back at the guy again.

"Listen, Hannah and I were in a car accident so you shut up okay? Hannah was lucky she survived and what does she get when she get out? Shit! A heck lot of shit is what she get! So shut up!" I screamed at the guy and continued to walk towards the car but I quickly turned around and yelled: "Hannah and I haven't even been in bed so it's impossible anyway!"

The big guy smirked and took some more pictures. What an idiot I thought. We got in the car and the first thing I saw was Hannah's sad face.

"Hey what's wrong babe?" I asked and lifted her chin up so I could look her in the eyes.

"Now the whole world know I'm a virgin. Thanks Harry!" She spat out.

Shit, I didn't even think about that.

"Hannah... I'm so so sorry," I said and took her hand.

"It's okay Harry. It's okay," she said, squeezed my hand and smiled.

"I love you," she said and kissed my cheek.

"I love you more," I whispered and kissed her quickly on the lips before I began to drive home.

Hannah's P.O.V.

We drove home and talked about everything. Fans, paparazzis, food and just about life. That was one of the things I loved about Harry. We could talk about everything together. Anything from how he made tacos to random questions like if his mom kissed him goodnight when he was a little child.

We came home and I breathed the smell of home.

"It's good to be home huh?" Harry asked me from the behind. He had his arm wrapped around my waist and made circles on my stomach with his fingers.

"Mhhh..." I answered and turned around so I could look him in the eyes. I kissed him roughly like yesterday at the hospital. His lips were so pink and so soft. You could literally kiss them all day long. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and played with mine. We moved into the kitchen where Harry lifted me up on the table in the middle of the room. He began to take off my shirt and then I took his off.

"Let's move this upstairs, shouldn't we?" Harry asked and smirked.

I just nodded. I knew I wasn't ready yet but I didn't want to disappoint him again so I could just kiss him a bit more and tell him stop when I didn't want to go any further.

He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He laid me down on the bed and sat on top of me. I moved my hands down to him torso and began to draw hearts at it with my fingers. He moaned and smirked against my lips. He moved his lips down to my jawline and then my neck. He found my sweet spot and this time it was my turn to let out a small moan.

When he began to open up my pants I got a little worried and pushed him away.

"What's wrong?" He sighed. He knew what was wrong and I really didn't want to let him down again. I knew he wanted to do it with me but I was just not ready yet.

"Harry, you know I'm not ready for this yet. I don't want to disappoint you but can we please wait?" I asked and waited for an answer.

He sighed deeply and stood up. He walked out of the room and down in the kitchen to get his shirt. I ran after him and when I got to the kitchen where he stood leaning over the sink I felt really bad. I really pushed him away from me this time.

"Harry?" I asked but he didn't answer. He kept his eyes closed and leaned over the sink. I picked up my shirt and put it back on.

"I'm really sorry," I said and was about to leave the kitchen when I heard Harry say: "I don't get why you don't want to..."

I turned around again and looked Harry in his green eyes.

"I-I... I can't Harry. I'm not ready yet. Some day I will be ready but I don't know when," I said and shrugged my shoulders. He sighed deeply again and hugged me.

"I'm sorry Hannah. I just really want to do it with you. I want to be your first time. But I have to respect your choice and wait," Harry said and pulled away so he could kiss my cheek.

"Thank you," I mumbled and walked upstairs to my own bedroom. I didn't use it often. I usually slept in Harry's king sized bed, but I kept all my things in my own room. I sat down on the little bed and began to think. Why wasn't I ready? Was I scared? What was there to be scared of? I really wanted Harry to be my first time and I knew he would never hurt me. So why wasn't I ready for this?

"You're 18 years old," I whispered to myself, "You can do this Hannah if you want to!" And I knew I wanted to do it with Harry.


Hey everyone! 2/2 loooong (😂) chapters. The normal Monday update will be up tomorrow. I feel like I don't have time to write! ☹ I really want to write this for you so I'll update tomorrow and Wednesday I'll update 'You Saved Me' (which I hope will get 10k soon cause that would be siiiick!)

Anyways I love you guys! Remember to like, fav, fan and comment what you think!

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