The Concert Where We Met

Who knew that hurting Harry Styles would change the 18 year old Hannah Jones' life forever?


Hannah and her best friend, Lilly, have been waiting years to go to a One Direction concert and finally they're going. It was supposed to be the night of their lives, but misunderstandings and bad things happen during the concert.

But as we say: everything happens for at reason, right?


27. Ready?

Lilly's P.O.V.

Niall and I arrived at Hannah and Harry's house. I stormed up to her room and burst the door open: "I'm here," I said trying to catch my breath. I looked over at her bed. There were 3 dresses and some shoes.

"I need your help. Now," Hannah stated.

"Seriously? You called me so I could come over to choose which dress you should wear?" I asked.

She giggled: "Yes, it's an emergency... I said yes to go to a club with Harry today..."

What did she say yes to? She didn't like clubs. I knew that. She said she never wanted to go to one.

"Umm... What did you just say?"

"I. AM. GOING. TO. A CLUB," she almost spelled it for me.

"But you don't like them. What made you change your mind?" I asked her confused.

"You know... Harry gave me those oh-please-do-it-for-me eyes, so I guess I couldn't stand them," she answered with a little shrug.

"Well, I can help you out ya know. What do you have here?" I said and walked towards her bed and picked up a short strapless blue dress.

"It's cute I think," Hannah said.

"Yeah, it is, but is it not too short?" I asked her.

"Maybe, well, yes it probably is," she said and we moved on to the next dress. It was a tight black dress. So ugly..

"Okay... Next one. That is so ugly," I said and laughed.

"My mom got it for me when I got 14," Hannah explained. Well that explained it all.

The last dress was a beautiful pink one. It was perfect. It wasn't tight, but simple.

"Per-fect," I said like Liam did in the best song ever video. We both laughed and she began to put the dress on along with the beautiful pink stilettos she had. Ugh! I hate sandals and stilettos, but these were kinda cute actually.

Niall's P.O.V.

"How's it going with you and Hannah?" I asked Harry while I looked in the fridge for something to eat.

"We're good. Hannah's parents came earlier today. I met them for the first time. It was very awkward cause her mom and dad didn't like me to start with, but I think they're okay with me now. I promised them that I would never break Hannah's heart, so I can't screw up this time," Harry said and suddenly began to smile. He looked behind me where Hannah came down in a beautiful pink dress. Harry walked over to her while I walked over to Lilly.

"Wow, you look... Amazing," Harry said and kissed her nose.

"Thank you Harry, you look very handsome yourself," she giggled.

Harry shrugged and kissed her forehead. I held Lilly by the waist and kissed her on the lips.

Hannah's P.O.V.

"Well, we better get going," Niall said. With that Lilly and Niall left.

"Well, we better get going too miss," Harry giggled at me.

"Sure," I said and headed towards the door.

We got into the car and began to talk about random stuff. We soon arrives at the club where you could hear the beat to the music and already smell the alcohol.

"Harry... I can't do this," I said to him and took his hand when we were standing at the door.

Harry pulled me in for a hug and said: "Nothing will happen to you, I promise. If you don't like it, I'll take you home. Okay?"

I nodded.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Ready," I nodded.


Hey lovelies❤️ I'm sorry for the short chapter. I was in a hurry. I hope you liked it though. Also, thank you so much for all the nice comments and support. I really appreciate it all. You guys are the best❤️ I guess I'll see ya Monday😚

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