The Concert Where We Met

Who knew that hurting Harry Styles would change the 18 year old Hannah Jones' life forever?


Hannah and her best friend, Lilly, have been waiting years to go to a One Direction concert and finally they're going. It was supposed to be the night of their lives, but misunderstandings and bad things happen during the concert.

But as we say: everything happens for at reason, right?


33. Picnic

Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up with Hannah in my arms. We must have fallen asleep on the couch last night cause we were in the living room. And then I remembered what happened. How Hannah didn't want to do it and how I apologized to her afterwards. Last night we also ordered a pizza and ate it with our fingers, without plates. We had so much fun.

I carefully stroke my hand over Hannah's hair. She was such a beautiful creation. How could something be so beautiful and sweet? I felt Hannah move a bit. I looked down and smiled at her.

"Good morning sweetheart," I said and chuckled deeply. She was such a sleepyhead.

"Mor *yawn* ning," she yawned and smiled at me. She sat up and looked at me.

"What a night... Last night," I said and sighed at the sad memory.

"Harry, I said sorry okay? I'm not ready and you'll just have to wait," she said.

"Okay mum," I laughed and she shook her head.

"I'll make breakfast," she said and left the room. She had a really nice body and I couldn't wait to see it. For real.

I didn't want to hurt her though. I didn't want her to think that I only used her and then dumped her. Maybe I should take on a date? I wanted to show her how much I loved her. Even if she didn't want to sleep with me I still loved her with all of my heart.

Hannah's P.O.V.

I decided to make a traditional British breakfast. I started with the bacon and eggs and moved on from there. While I cooked I thought about Harry. I really wanted to make Harry happy and that was why I had a surprise for him. Tonight. Tonight was the night I would let him take my virginity away. I wanted him to be my first time for sure. But I wanted to surprise him. I really wanted to make him happy and surprised at the same time. I love to make him happy.

And then I remembered I was cooking.

"Shit!" I spat out as I saw the eggs burning.

"Great, now I need to start all over," I said to myself and began to make the eggs again.

When I was done making breakfast I called Harry and he hurried down in the kitchen.

"Wow, someone's hungry huh?" I giggled.

"Mhhh," he said with his mouth full of food, "this is delicious!"

"Thanks," I laughed and began to eat my own food.

"Well I wanted to take you out today. How does a picnic sound to you?" Harry asked.

A smile grew on my face.

"I would love to," I said. He took my hand under the table and said: "You know I love you right?"

I blushed and nodded.

"I know that Harry. And I love you too."

We are our breakfast and again talked about random stuff.

When we were done with the food I packed some of the stuff we needed for the picnic. A blanket and some food. We didn't really need more than that besides plates and cups. I put some orange juice in the bag as well. That was my favourite kind of juice. I liked apple too but orange was the best.

*A couple of hours later*

"Are we ready?" I asked Harry when we stood in the living room with all our packed stuff.

"I think so," he said. "I have you and the food so nothing's missing," he smirked and laughed afterwards. I playfully punched him in the side before we got out of the door and into his black Range Rover.

"I really don't hope that the paparazzis will ruin this date," he sighed and put his seatbelt on.

"Let's hope they don't find us," I said and put my seatbelt on as well.

We drove about 25 minutes before we came to a small park where no one was.

"This is the perfect place Harry," I almost yelled in excitement.

Harry chuckled and said: "Okay. If this is where you want to be we're going to."

We got out of the car and went over to a area where there was a lot of grass. It was such a peacefully place and we could hear the birds sing. Harry laid the blanket on the grass while I enjoyed the warm summer sun. When he was done I laid down on the blanket and was about to find the food I packed before a certain person sat on top of me.

"What are you doing silly?" I asked and laughed before I crashed my lips onto his. He slowly moved his lips and I could feel him pull away.

"I'm enjoying the view," he smirked and smashed his lips back onto mine.

When we were done kissing, or more like snogging, we are our food and sometimes we would throw something at each other and laugh. We took a lot of selfies and decided to cuddle up when it got a little cold. I laid my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat.

"Thank you for such an amazing date," I thanked Harry.

"Thank you for being such Ana amazing girlfriend," he said and kissed the top of my head. The rest of the day we were just enjoying the blue sky and each other.


Monday update, yay! Just a quick a/n. Thank you for being so supporting with this story and my other story as well. You guys are truly amazing and I'll never be able to thank you all enough❤️

I'll update 'You Saved Me' tomorrow if anybody wanted to know that. Love you❤️

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