The Concert Where We Met

Who knew that hurting Harry Styles would change the 18 year old Hannah Jones' life forever?


Hannah and her best friend, Lilly, have been waiting years to go to a One Direction concert and finally they're going. It was supposed to be the night of their lives, but misunderstandings and bad things happen during the concert.

But as we say: everything happens for at reason, right?


21. A/N!! New Movella?


Hey guys!

Thank you so much for an incredible year. I love you so much❤️ I just wanted to let you know that I will start on a new Movella, and it will be called 'You saved me'. I will update 'The concert where we met' every Monday and Friday, and I'll update 'You saved me' every Wednesday. ❤️ I hope you would like to read both of my Movellas🤓 It would mean the world to me🙏🏻 Don't worry about the update-thing. I'll still work hard on this one along with the new one that's coming up. I'll upload the fist chapter/prologue January, 6 in 2016🎉🙏🏻❤️😘

Happy new year🎉😘

Love you🦄❤️

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