My death

There's something special about Jamie's world. She and everyone around her can see each others death date, but not their own. One day, everyone starts acting really nice to Jamie.


1. Chapter one

"Mrs. Turner, your time is today. I do hope you're going to go peacefully." I said to my elderly neighbor, watching as her face turned from one of happiness, to one of horror.

"Thank you, Jamie, dear." She replied.

I walked away from her, talking to various people along the way. As soon as I reached home, the door flung open, revealing my worried mother.

"Where have you been? I've been worried sick." She said.

"Mom I was at - " I stopped short.

I noticed a small transparent number above her head, glowing bright red, almost like a traffic light.

"Mother, have you done anything today? Meet any mysterious person?" I asked.

She laughed. "I met a nice man at the market today. He's coming over for dinner."

I felt like crying. "No, mom, he can't come over. He's dangerous."

She started to say something, but stopped short and asked nervously. "What does my number say?"

"2 hours." I said, tears forming in my eyes.

"I'm calling ken, telling him something came up and he can't come over for dinner today." She said, hurriedly rushing over to the phone.

She let the phone ring, until he picked up.

"Hi ken, umm, something has come up, and I have to cancel dinner plans for tonight. I'm very sorry."

He said something on the other end and she pulled the phone away from her ear, pressing the end call button.

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