The Life of an Alive Ghost

Just me, just being alive, but feeling dead and non existent. But hey, everyone has a path I suppose.


1. Greetings

I suppose I'll start by saying that there are some good aspects of my 'life' (might not be alive). 

I'll make a list so it's not too difficult (I'm really stoned). 

1) I get high with my mum pretty much every day

2) Not ALL of my friends are suicidal junkies

3) I have a roof over my head, maybe not the most glamorous or comforting at times, but nevertheless, it's a place where I can sit, smoke and stare at a ceiling (three things I enjoy)

4) Not really an aspect, but I love showering in the dark and blacking out. Both are things that help me to remind myself what reality feels like, when I'm feeling ghostly (back in a sec, just having a toke) 




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