Will I live the way I wanted to, go into the world of film making? Will I get to feel what it feels like to be loved again or will I just be left to make a living by myself. (smirks and laughs a fake laugh) The teachers at my school would tell me to try to ignore it but for a kid who was my age doing that would be very difficult, not the whole blocking it out part but the fact that I would end up in the middle of it and get slapped or hit in the head. Days would go by and I wouldn't eat dinner or breakfast I would have just one meal and if I was lucky most days I would get to eat dinner and lunch but mostly just lunch. At school no one was my friend, if they tried I would just leave because if they got to close to me it would be very sad if something had happened to me.


1. New Life

 I went to school telling people lie that they would believed. The told that they could help me with things that never happened to the, that things would be fine. I left school hoping that it would take me forever to get home but it didn't as I took one step in front of the house I could hear them yelling back and forth to each other. When I opened the door it didn't feel like this was a home, I went inside anyways but what I was greeted with was the screams and yells of hates and threats coming at each other like a battlefield of war and the guns shooting the bullets of regretful words that could never heal. I went to the little room I had and grabbed two backpacks, I had one for my clothes and one for my video cameras and laptop, I tried to fit my little flat screen (that I bought with my own money) in one other bag but it was to big and it was really heavy so I just nodded my head and put it back "Man that would be great to have.." I looked around to see if there was anything else to grab I looked at the end of my bed on the floor there were books from school. I bent down and got some of the ones so I could teach myself. I picked them up put them in a bag and left that room walking out into the so called living room that was just filled with piles of trash and unpaid bills. As I walked over to the door and started to put my hand out to open the front door, I saw something to the left corner of my eye, I looked over and there was a pistol I looked to see if they saw me from where they were... no they didn't I was relived I reached out and took it. I turned back around and opened the door. When I left it felt like had just opened the gates of hell, well the feeling was right because it felt like a hellish house with sharp teeth stabbing me just like the hits I had taken. 

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