The girl without a voice

When fifth harmony finds a little girl out in the cold, they instantly want to adopt her,but they find out the girl is mute. Her name is Alyssa,she was born mute and her parents never liked it so, they kicked her out at age seven, she lived in the streets with nothing. The girls adopted her but what if they want to talk to Alyssa?how? What if her parents found her and wants her back once she start to feel comfortable around the girls?Will everything change?


3. Three



Lauren went back down stairs and sat down as camila sat on Lauren's lap. "What is Alyssa doing, I hope we didn't hurt her feelings" She said to Lauren. "She's okay, she fell asleep and I was thinking about me and you adopting her as her parents" Lauren said. Lauren knew camila loved Alyssa as much as she loved her. Alyssa was the sweetest girl, how could anyone hurt her little heart full of happiness.

"That'd be great, we could go take her with us and adopt her"Camila said. "Aww it's a camren child,CUTE!!!" Dinah said taking a picture of them without them knowing. "Dinah!!!"Lauren said annoyed. "Guys let's watch a movie so we won't wake up Alyssa"said Ally. Ally put in the movie mean girls for all of the girls to watch. They planned on watching the second movie of mean girls but Alyssa woke up and Camila bolted towards Alyssa's fragile body and gave her a hug. Alyssa stay stiff not wanting to hug Camila. She looked at Camila confusingly and backed away. "Did I scared you?" Camila said laughing. Alyssa nodded in response but gave camila a soft, loving hug. Lauren came to them and said. "We want to talk to you, Alyssa". Alyssa gave them a worried expression as they went into Lauren's room. Alyssa sat on the bed and watched as camila Sat on the floor criss crossed her legs and Lauren sat right next to Alyssa and began to talk. "We want to adopt you" Lauren said happily.

Alyssa smiled but it faded quickly as she ran over to Lauren desk and grabbed a piece of paper. She wrote down "what if fans won't like me? Or what if you hate me and bring me to an orphanage?" She showed the paper to them. "The fans would love you and if some don't then there not our fans" camila said. "And we won't hate you nor bring you to an orphanage because we love you" Lauren said. Alyssa smiled she wasn't sure if she could trust the other girls, but of course she trusted Lauren.

"Can we adopted you today?" Camila asked Alyssa. Alyssa smiled and wrote "how about now?","okay we'll go now but first we're going to the mall to get you clothes, and things for your room."Lauren said and Alyssa smiled. Alyssa wore Sofi's dark skinny jeans and long sleeve shirt with a sweater over it. She put on Laurens beanie, and then her converse. They walked out the door and to Lauren's car.

They drove to the mall and walked inside. Lauren pulled Alyssa into Gaps and tried on tons of clothes. "Here, try this on" Camila said giving Alyssa a black silk dress,it's was shirt and strapless and had a bow on the front like a tuxedo suit. Alyssa grabbed the dress and went to the dressing room in the back. She changed into the dress and stood into the mirror behind her. She smiled and thought she like the dress camila picked out. The dress was causal and formal at the same time. She walked out, modelling the dress like she was on a runway stage and posed in front of camila and Lauren. Camila smiled. "Your so cute" Lauren said. "We're getting the dress" camila said pushing Alyssa lightly back into the dressing room to change back so they could buy the dress. Alyssa switched outfits and gave the dress to her mom,Lauren. Lauren smiled and paid for the dress. They had loads of bags from each store in the mall and now it was time for them to get the things for Alyssa's room.

The walked into rooms-to-go. Alyssa walked around until she saw the perfect bed set for her. It was a punk rock set. She tapped Lauren for them to go look at the bed room set. They walked over and Alyssa looked around. The bed was a green sized bed, it was purple with a guitar design on it. The dresser was purple and black and the color of the wall design was black and it also said your free to draw on the walls with neon colors. You could print your name with purple colors with glitter and there was a big chandelier right above the bed. Alyssa jumped on the bed to show that she loved this room design. Lauren frowned. "This costs 10,000 dollar's,Alyssa" Lauren said. Alyssa frowned and gave her the puppy eyes and pouted. "Come on LoLo, you don't want to see our daughter cry" camila said pinching Alyssa's cheeks. Alyssa hated when people pinched her cheeks so she slap Camila's hand away. "Ow,that's not nice,Alyssa" camila said fake crying. "Alright we'll get the room design but we're using Ally and Dinah's card"Lauren said. "Won't they know when they see how much money we spent on there card" camila said. "We'll spit it up, plus I have there cards right here" Lauren said taking out the two cards. Alyssa wanted to know how she even got the cards but she didn't cared all she wanted was this room.

Lauren bought the room and they got the workers to bring it to there house and set it up, but they had to pay extra money. They bought Alyssa a Iphone,IPad and laptop and headphones. They paid for the music and paid for her to get free music instead of paying. Alyssa felt guilty for letting them pay for everything, but they said they had to spoil her.

After the mall, they went to the adoption place to adopt her. " have you known her past ?" Said the Socail worker. "Yes we have she told us, well wrote us." Said camila. "We'll sign here and you are her legal guardians" she said as Lauren and camila began to sign the papers. " And one more thing, Alyssa is allergic to a couple of things like yellow flowers,oak trees,strawberries, coconut and milk"the social worker said as they based the papers to them. Lauren grabbed Alyssa's hand and they walked out to find paparazzi's around. "Is Carmen actually adopting a child?" " what her name?" "How old is she" "when is your next album". They ignored the paparazzi's and put on a smile. They walked into Lauren's car and hoped know one got a picture of Alyssa. Lauren drove off quickly before any of the chaos tried to stop them. The finally got home and the rest of fifth harmony was in the kitchen. Ally looked mad and Dinah and Normani came with cake. Laurie looked at them suspiciously. "Hey going on?" She said. "We celebrating Camden for adopting Alyssa and oh Ally and Dinah are mad for using there card and used almost all of there money"said Normani. Suddenly Dinah came with a huge cake and splashed it on all of them. Ally, Dinah, Normani laughed at the prank they made. Camila sort of laugh but saw as Lauren wasn't. Lauren tasted the cake and turned to Alyssa who had cake in her mouth and face, she was red and swollen. " Are you guys crazy, Alyssa is allergic to coconut" Lauren screamed. Everyone stopped laughing and turned to Lauren who had Alyssa in her arms.

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