The girl without a voice

When fifth harmony finds a little girl out in the cold, they instantly want to adopt her,but they find out the girl is mute. Her name is Alyssa,she was born mute and her parents never liked it so, they kicked her out at age seven, she lived in the streets with nothing. The girls adopted her but what if they want to talk to Alyssa?how? What if her parents found her and wants her back once she start to feel comfortable around the girls?Will everything change?


17. Seventeen

Alyssa's (P.O.V)

"Get out we've got a little surprise for you Alyssa" my mom yelled with a smirk.

I had a bad feeling as Zaya mouthed 'they'll be here. Soon.'

I nodded nervously as my mother eyed Zaya and watching her walk out of the room and into hers.

My mother laughed as I say my worst nightmare.

"Blake?" I whispered. My voice sounding raspy and cold.

He was the reason I ran away and he was the one who got paid to do anything with me, I hated him.

The guy that looked 24, had black hair, tan skin, and blue eyes. He wore all black and stood there with an evil smirk on his face.

"Nice meeting you again,sweet heart " he voice was deep and raspy. I shivered as he walked closer, making me feel like an ant that's about to get crushed.

Mom had already let and closed the door knowing she'd not want to hear my terrible screams.

Blake slapped my cheek, making my cheek burn. He found his way into my shirt as I tried pushing away.

Blake pulled out a knife and pushed me against old worn chair covered in feathers and dust.

He ripped my shirt and pants off, and moved is lips to my neck, kissing me.

A tear streamed down my face as I had no strength to move or escape.

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