The girl without a voice

When fifth harmony finds a little girl out in the cold, they instantly want to adopt her,but they find out the girl is mute. Her name is Alyssa,she was born mute and her parents never liked it so, they kicked her out at age seven, she lived in the streets with nothing. The girls adopted her but what if they want to talk to Alyssa?how? What if her parents found her and wants her back once she start to feel comfortable around the girls?Will everything change?


19. nineteen

Alyssa's P.O.V.

"You Little brat" my mother screamed. She was drunk and heart broken that my dad had cheated on her.

"Leave me alone!" I said running into the closet and locking the door after closing it. I heard her stumble over and banging her hands,hitting the door for it to open.

"You need to open the door for mommy" she slurred.

I held onto a locket of a picture that showed a family I once had.

Their so happy....

Mother knocked door open and held a knife.

My eyes widen in fear, she was trying to kill me.

"You ruined my fucking life"


I was awoken by water splashing on my face.

I stood up gasping for air.

I looked around and saw Zaya she sadly smiled as always.

"They tried to drone you" she told me.

We were in the middle of the woods and I was confused. Was this an illusion? Or was I dreaming?

"We got away before they'd noticed were gone. Now let's find fifth harmony I'll tell you what happened later"

She pulled me up as we began to walk.

"So, how'd I get here?" I asked.

Zaya sigh and smiled.

"When I watched you pain get raped by the guy, I planned for us to run away. You blacked out and the guy named Blake was about to light you on fire. I made a distraction and ran in and carried you out as I ran into the woods"

I was speechless,I'd never thought Zaya would do that.

"T-thank you" I said.

She nodded as ran her hand in her dark brown waves.

"I think we're lost Zaya" I said worried.

"No were not" she said.

I sighed and looked into her eyes, she had worried,scared and lost expression as if she doesn't know where we are.

"Follow me" I said.

I kinda reconized this place, it led to the park I used to hang out at.

"Where a few blocks from the park" I said.

"Good" she smiled as the sadness went away.
Zaya ran before I could say anything. She playfully spin around like a five year old and as the droplets of rain hit us, I joined her. We laughed as we got wet in the rain.


I sat down on the park swing as we talked about ourselves.

Zaya loved Fifth harmony. I talked about me and the girls and laughed at funny jokes.

"I wonder if mom could adopt you" I randomly answered as we look up at the stars.

Zaya looks over at me. "Yeah but wh-"

"No what if's , Zaya. You are like a sister to me, you can not walk away and be alone, you need a family so please stay with me" I said giving her the puppy eyes.

She groaned and laid closer to me. "Okay" I smiled and closed my eyes.

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