The girl without a voice

When fifth harmony finds a little girl out in the cold, they instantly want to adopt her,but they find out the girl is mute. Her name is Alyssa,she was born mute and her parents never liked it so, they kicked her out at age seven, she lived in the streets with nothing. The girls adopted her but what if they want to talk to Alyssa?how? What if her parents found her and wants her back once she start to feel comfortable around the girls?Will everything change?


9. Nine

Alyssa's P.O.V

Sunday came, and Dinah and Normani got me a purple and blue backpack. I grew more nervous then ever.

I walked into the living room and found camila, she was watching a movie. I sat next to her and started poking her arm. "What Alyssa?"She said a little annoyed.

"How would you feel if one of your friends is nervous to go back to school, it turns out it's the same school. And her enemies/bullies are out to get her, but she can't tell anyone because she's afraid she'll get into trouble with the bullies and school isn't till tomorrow" I yelled out as camila looked at me suspiciously.

I sighed. "Alyssa, are you getting bullied and if your nervous I think you should tell Lauren"camila said. I frowned. "Maybe, I'll see... I guess" I stood up and walked upstairs towards my room.

I laid in bed and fell asleep. When I woke up, I walked into the empty room and yelled out Camila's name. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and a groan. "You need anything Lyssa"she said using my nickname. I nodded.

"I need you to get some art supplies and paint, I want to make an art room for this room" she smiled. "Fine, we'll go to the store"she said. Camila grabbed my hand and dragged me to Laurens car. Where's Lauren anyway?.

Me and camila got in the car. She drove to Wal-Mart. I walked with her inside. We grabbed pink and green paint and some decorations, paint supplies. I got some drawing paper, big,small and regular paper. Art pencils to draw on, art books that would teach you how to draw and anime posters, I loved drawing anime and watching their tv shows. I walked with Camila to the register and she paid.

When we got home all the girls helped me decorate the whole room, it was pretty awesome to me. The walls were still the light blue, I added the anime poster, I painted my name and drew the girls on the walls. There was paint sets everywhere. A tv on the wall, a sewing machine, some fashion designer stuff to make clothes. I was hoping to be and artist or fashion designer some day.

The girls took pictures of me standing in the room and they post it to whatsoever. I didn't mind though. As they left me alone, Lauren finally came in and looked in awe at the room. "You like it? It an art and designer room. I could design all of your clothes and make art" I said happily as I was paint a picture of me. "Yeah, it looks cool" she said. "Where we're you" I finally asked. "I was at your school, I was making sure I had everything signed" she said. I frowned and looked away. "Oh...." .

Lauren look me and I just stood up and walked out of the room. I guess I panicked. I took a shower and laid in bed, with my phone. I soon fell asleep knowing school was just around the corner.

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