The girl without a voice

When fifth harmony finds a little girl out in the cold, they instantly want to adopt her,but they find out the girl is mute. Her name is Alyssa,she was born mute and her parents never liked it so, they kicked her out at age seven, she lived in the streets with nothing. The girls adopted her but what if they want to talk to Alyssa?how? What if her parents found her and wants her back once she start to feel comfortable around the girls?Will everything change?


5. Five

Alyssa's Point Of View.

I woke up to talking and looked around, fifth harmony was in my hospital room talking. They turned to me and smiled. "We want to talk to you Alyssa"said camila. I was kind of worried. Will they throw me back on the streets? Or take me to an orphanage? I shook my head and thought my mom wouldn't do that because they just adopted me.

"We want to know if you want a voice, like do you ever want to talk or say something you would want to say?" Lauren says. I nodded and smiled. I always wanted a voice. "Great the doctor says you have to get surgery for the day and you'll be out in two days" Lauren says. I smiled and nodded faster. My mom and all the girls smiled. The nurse and doctor came in. The nurse did a small check up on me. She check my heart beat, breathing and everything else and everything was fine. "Mrs. Meyer, we want to talk to you about giving Alyssa surgery for her voice"Lauren said to the doctor. "Oh yes, when do you want to start?" She asked. Lauren looked at me and I wrote, "Now". "She says now" Lauren says. "Okay, I'll take two days to recover, get everything set, I'll go get the nurses and doctors"she said and Lauren and the girls nodded. They smiled and looked happy about me finally having a voice.

Dr. Meyer came back with nurses and doctors, "we need you guys to go sit in the waiting area until farther noticed" she told fifth harmony. They nodded but Lauren went toward me. "I'll be in the waiting room waiting for you, don't worry"she said kissing my cheeks. I nodded and waved her good bye as she waved and left. The nurses and doctors took all the cords and tubes and IV's off. I was kind of scared but I had to be brave for my mommy. I watched as they took me to an operating room. It was bigger then all the regular rooms and had operating tools. I got scared cried to myself. "I want my mommy!!!" I wrote down to them. They nodded and one of the nurses quickly got Lauren. A few seconds she came back and my mom hugged me. "I told you,I'm not going to leave you" she said worriedly.

I nodded but in was to nervous and scared. The tools and everything around the room, it scares me. I hugged her tighter until she starts singing. I fell asleep quickly as I felt them take me away from Lauren. I opened my sleepy eyes and she was gone. I sigh before an air mask was put on me before I fell into a deep sleep.

Lauren's Point of view

I walked back too the girls and sat down. We had to wait an hour before their done. I slowly drifted off to sleep. An hour later I was woken up by one of the doctors. "Miss jauergui?" Dr. Meyer asked. I stood up. "Yeah?" I said. "She's done with surgery but she's asleep, do you want to see her?" She asked me. "Yes " I said. We walked down the hall and into the room Alyssa was in when she first came in here. I saw her sleeping and I sat next to her on the bed. "She has her voice now, and her throat will be a lot sore for two weeks, be sure to give her something cold in the afternoon and we will give you the medicine for her when she wakes up. She takes it every morning. " the doctor said and I nodded. She walked off as I saw the girls come in. "Is she awake yet?" Dinah asked. "No" I said. I was still kind of mad for Dinah pranking us. They all sat down and I explained what the doctor had just said. We waited in silence until we heard a groan from Alyssa. I smiled hearing her soft little voice. She opened her eyes and smiled brightly at us. "Mommy my throat hurts" she said smiling. "It'll be better when the doctors give you medicine" I said kissing her forehead and cheek. Camila hugged her and Dinah,Ally,and Normani took pictures and posted it on Twitter,tumble,and Facebook. I looked at my phone and saw the picture. 'Camren family!!!" Was what Dinah wrote. 'So Adorable'was what Normani wrote. ' cute family' was what Ally wrote. Smiled and saw the fans freaking out about our little family. Last night I told them that my daughter was in the hospital from a allergic reaction. They commented with nice reply but some were kind of harsh so I unfollowed them. "When will I get out?" Said Alyssa. "Tomorrow baby girl" I said and she smiled.

We all watched tv, and got to talking about the new years eve concert in New York. Which was this month in January."are you hungry"Camilla said. Alyssa shook her head and I frowned. "You have to eat, you haven't ate all week" I said. She sighed and nodded her head slowly. Dinah went with Ally to get everyone there food and came back. I gave Alyssa her sandwich and Apple juice and one chocolate chip cookie. She ate it all and started to watch tv. "Ally did you us my credit card?" I said. To her and she nodded and so did Dinah. "Why?" They looked at me. "You used ours" they said with a smirk. I sighed. I continued eating until we were all done.

the next day

Alyssa's point of view.

I loved my voice, I just couldn't stop talking. Mom told me I was a chatters mouth and that I had a cute voice. The doctor came in and I sat up on my bed and stood up. "I want to go home now, can I?" I told the doctor. She laughed. "Of course you can" she said. "I just need to give your mom the medicine" she said. My mom took the medicine and began talking to the doctor. I went and sat on the bed and looked through my phone. Mom had set up a Twitter and that was it, she wouldn't allow me to have Facebook or tumble or not anything else just Twitter. I did have a heartland, I read some Camden one shots and books they were all great. I looked through my picture and saw a lot of picture the girls took at the hospital. "Ready to go?" Lauren said and I nodded. She picked me up and we went out of the hospital. She went to her car and we got in. I sat in the back as she drive home. I wanted to see my room, I saw pictures of it but I wanted to see it for real.

When we opened the door everyone was watching a movie, I ran up to my room and smiled. It was a punk rock design just how I wanted it. The bed was near the window seat and the wall was paint black. I grabbed the marker from off my purple desk and drew my name in big letter. I'm really great at drawing. I used to draw in art contests and when trophies before I was abandoned. After a while of drawing, Lauren came into my room smiling at the drawing. I'd drew a butterfly with my name printed in cursive writing in purple glitter. I had song notes and parts of lyrics from my favorite songs including fifth harmony around it. I drew me and mommy and the rest of the girl. "You have talent"Lauren says. "I know" I smiled. I think I'm going to like being here. I finally have a family that loves me. "Let's go watch the movie" Lauren says carrying me and spinning me around, we went downstairs and sat to watch the movie.

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