The girl without a voice

When fifth harmony finds a little girl out in the cold, they instantly want to adopt her,but they find out the girl is mute. Her name is Alyssa,she was born mute and her parents never liked it so, they kicked her out at age seven, she lived in the streets with nothing. The girls adopted her but what if they want to talk to Alyssa?how? What if her parents found her and wants her back once she start to feel comfortable around the girls?Will everything change?


35. Epilogue 2

Zaya's P.O.V

Were on the chair eating pizza when Camila came in stomping her foot with Alyssa in her arms.

Alyssa shrugged to get down but camila won,when she decided that stuffing a pizza in her daughter's mouth was a great idea because Alyssa ended up spitting it out in her face.

Camila scream,I laughed,and Aria stared at us like we were laughing at her.

Alyssa screamed running up the stairs and while we all stood here,Alyssa slammed her room door.

"Well who wants more pizza?"Camilla asked as she got the last spot and germy stuff from off her face.


I decided one thing.

Alyssa was going crazy. Can anyone handle this girl?

They just sat on the chair like Alyssa never existed. She was in her room in her depression zone.

I had enough of this.

So,instead of being like the rest of my family,I walked upstairs and burst into Aly's room.

She was on the floor watching tv.

Her face was pale and she looked like a skeleton with just bones. She looked weak.

"Alyssa come here"I yelled.

She jumped up looking startled.

She walked over to me confused.She had no idea what I am am about to do.

My hand went back and went swinging for her cheek. She gasped in shock and pain.

Her cheek was red and throbbing.

"Now walk out the room and go eat something "I yelled.

She opened the door and we found the girls easedropping at us. Alyssa held her head down and walked carelessly down the stairs.

We followed her into the kitchen and turned to us. "Is there anything I could eat?" Her voice was so soft a mouse could never hear it.

Ally smiled and went to warm up the two leftover pizzas for her.

When Lauren was helping Alyssa eat,I played a game with Aria. 

Alyssa's P.O.V

Mom feed me spaghetti and two slices of pizza.

"I can't eat no more" I whined.

"Yes you can,you haven't ate for two weeks,eat now " she told me.

I reached for the pizza then looked at mom. She watched me as I bit a small piece.

Five minutes later,I was finished eating and Lauren took me upstairs into her room. It was midnight and I wasn't tired. I was sick.

Mom turned around telling me to get her iPad and play games.

"I don't feel good"I could feel the food in my stomach go up.

Mom noticed and quickly took me into her bathroom. I threw up in the toilet as she held my hair.

She gave me medicine and I easily went to sleep along with her in bed.

But instead I woke up at five o'clock in the morning.



 Walking downstairs. I heard the girls talking.


"Where should we take her?"  Mila said.


"There's this place I know" mom told them.


I was still curious and worried but i went upstairs to find Zaya and Kira talking secretly to each other.

" What if she would not be happy for the place we would stay at"

What place? Where are we going?

I laid in my room till the door open with everyone barging in.

"what is going on?"

Mom grabbed my bags and started packing. "where going to stay at Disneyland for awhile"

I stood confused but helped them anyway. "you guys are going too?"


Dinah looked at everyone and smiled."of course"

I nodded and soon we off to the airport. 



A/N................Not a very good ending but I was in a rush.......................

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