Cold Hearts

Jacob grew up as an orphan for all his life. Never knew anything different besides that. He has his eye on a girl and she doesn't really have interest in him. He soon gets adopted and is forced to leave. Adopted by his new "parents" he soon finds out what pain is. Bound and tortured. Asked questions about a missing item. He soon finds out what is destiny is to become.


1. The child in the woods




Its a dark place in the middle of Liverpool, England. An old, rich couple lives in the middle of the woods. Both are off today for its a cold and snowy day. They decide to go on a walk through their back woods.

    “ Honey do you know what I love?” said the old man.

    “ Yes dear?” said the old woman

    “ You.”

    “ Well I love you too.”

As the couple walked further and further into the woods the began to hear a strange whining sound. A sound neither of them has heard in decades, a crying baby. When the old woman first heard the sound she thought nothing of it. 

    “ Do you hear that, love?” said the old woman

    “ What that whining sound?” said the old man

    “ Yes, its quite peculiar, isn’t it”

    “ Ah, it’s probably just the animals, lets not think too much of it.”

    “ Agreed.”

    Walking further and further into the woods when the woman suddenly stopped.

    “ Wow would u look at that remarkable flower. It seems quite odd that there would be such a vibrant and beautiful flower in such weather, don’t you think so.” said the old woman.

    “ Your right. Would you like to keep it for the house? Im sure it would go perfectly with the new carpet.”

    “ No lets keep it. Things are always meant to live a certain life. Lets let the flower live it’s.”

    The couple walked further and further into the woods. The sound getting louder and louder. 

    “ Oh my, its getting cold out, shall we head back home now?” said the old woman

    “ Yes.” said the old man 

    “ Would you like some tea when we get back?”

    “ That would be delightful, love.”

The couple turned around and started to walk home. They walked for what seemed like half an hour only to realize that they haven’t went anywhere at all. As they started realizing that they might actually be lost, they realized they were. 

    Within fifty feet of the couple stood the most beautiful flower, the flower they had just took notice of. The exact same flower with the yellow outer leaves and bright pigmented red center. Tall and beautiful was the flower.

    “ Oh my, Harold, i think we are lost!”

    “ No, we can’t be. We just came this way.” 

    “ Exactly, we have been walking for half an hour.”

    “ I know bu-”

As the old man was starting to say, the crying started again, this time louder than before. This time it also felt closer. 

    As the woman started approaching the flower once more, she noticed the most unlikely of things, a golden fabric. Inside this golden fabric was once again the most odd thing to find in the woods, a baby.

    The baby, whom she thought would be dirty, was not, in fact he was clean and well kept. He was a beautiful child. Perfect. 

    As the woman looked into the child’s eyes, she felt his sorrow, and she guessed  that she felt her’s because he stopped crying. With the biggest smile on his face he laughed. A laugh so delicate and peaceful, it made the woman feel sorry. 

    “ Honey we have to keep him, can’t you see there is no one around to take care of this child?” said the old woman.

    “ We can’t.” 

    “ Can we at least take him someplace other than the woods?” 

    “ Yes that will be fine.” 

    As the couple began their journey back home, they turned around and saw their home. They turned back around to find the flower and the tracks left in the snow from their dragging feet, gone. `





    “ Where should we take this child?” said the woman while holding the baby rocking it to sleep. 

    “ There is an orphanage not far from the city, we could take it there?” said the old man.

    “ Do you think they would take good care of the child at that dirty, dingy place?”

    “ Well, we obviously cant take care of the child. We may have money, however, we both work and we are never home. At least there, they can be with the child.”

    “ Very true, but do you know how to get there?”

    “ I drive past it on my way to work. It is right by the ice-cream shop on twenty-second street.”

    “ Oh, ok well how do you think we should approach the situation?”

    “ What do you mean, love?”

    “ Well we obviously cant just walk in there set the baby on the counter and say, here you go.”

    “ True.”

    “ And we obviously can’t just walk in with a starting pistol and start firing like a bunch of idiots, can we?”

    “ That is also true.”

    “ Exactly. We need a name for this boy. How about Michael?

    “ No, we need something that suits him. Like Forest.” 

    “ I like the name. Well Forest do you like your name?” said the woman. The boy looked up with a certain puzzled look to his face?

    “ Hm, guess not.” said the woman.

    “ We will eventually come up with a name for the little guy.”

    As the old man rested his bum in his rickety old rocking chair, he flipped through the channels and an old show came on. 

    “ Come on Jacob. You know better than that.” said one of the characters in the television show. As soon as the child heard the word ‘Jacob’, he smiled, thus practically forcing the couple to name the child, Jacob.

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