Cold Hearts

Jacob grew up as an orphan for all his life. Never knew anything different besides that. He has his eye on a girl and she doesn't really have interest in him. He soon gets adopted and is forced to leave. Adopted by his new "parents" he soon finds out what pain is. Bound and tortured. Asked questions about a missing item. He soon finds out what is destiny is to become.


3. Stranger

    " Who are you?" Santamaria asked. 

    " Calm me, well, don't call me, you will see me again, not today though, in a few months."

    " Again, who are you?" 

    " I am, a stranger. Someone who could make you see whatever I wished bu-"

    " No. No one like you exists, you belong in a book."

    " Okay, whatever you see sweetheart, believe what you will. Look in the corner over there, what do you see?"

    " I see, nothing. Your a fool."

    " Oh really, look again." said the stranger, there was a flash of gold light in his eyes." Santamaira looked in the corner and saw a floating candle. The flame not even touching the wick. She walked closer to the flame, and saw her reflection. She saw someone behind her. Jacob was behind her. He held something. He lifted it above his head and slammed down onto her head. Quickly, she turned around to face him, but there was no Jacob. 

    Cloe looked at Santamria. She looked scared and worried. She stood in the corner looking into something. She was wondering what she was seeing. Santamaria backed up slowly she shook her head and then looked directly at Cleo. 

    " What are you doing to her?" asked Cleo.

    " I'm making her see you, as well, nothing more than the enemy." 

    " How." 

    " I told you, i can make her see whatever I wish, you on the other hand, your a despicable mortal, I hate people like you. You all think that you run the world, well guess what, you don't." 

    " What is she?"

    " You won't me able to handle the truth."

    " Yes I will."

    " Fine, you want to know? She's not human."

    " I am so confused, if not human then what is she?"

    " You will find out."

    " Just stop this!"

    " Fine."

    With that the stranger stopped the madness. Santamaria fell to the ground, Cleo running to save her and make sure she is okay?

    " Where is he?! Where is Jacob?"

    " What do you mean, he was never here."

    " Y- yes he was, he tried to hit me. With the vase over there on the table."

    " No. He didn't. I used my power to breach your mind, making you see whatever i wish."

    " How do you do so?"

    " Don's ask questions young one. All in due time, your life will make sense. You life so far has been a lie. You were told to conform to a world that is not yours. Your world, our world, is in the sky." said the stranger, with his hands raised to the sky. " Oh and that boy," he said lowering his hands down, " I have him. Whats his name? Jacob? Ah yes, Jacob. He is in my possession. You wish to have him back, safe, realize who you are. Realize what you can accomplish. Realize your strengths and weaknesses. Fly high. " He rose his hands and a beam of light flashed, Brightening the whole corridor. He was gone. Jacob missing and now no one to help besides Cleo and she too was just as confused and Santamaria.


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