Cold Hearts

Jacob grew up as an orphan for all his life. Never knew anything different besides that. He has his eye on a girl and she doesn't really have interest in him. He soon gets adopted and is forced to leave. Adopted by his new "parents" he soon finds out what pain is. Bound and tortured. Asked questions about a missing item. He soon finds out what is destiny is to become.


2. In decent

He woke, to the golden rays of light shining on the sun kissed orange of his room. The sun had transformed the boring room, into a sunrise of its own. He had always felt a connection to the sun. Whether it be in the bare mist of the morning, to the last rays at night, he always held out a helping hand, with his palm to the sun, believing, ever since a child, that he could soak it all up and use the light as a guid through life. 

    He stretched an arm up and the other down. His left hand barely touching the ever so delicate hand of his room mate, whom, to no surprise at all, was sprawled along his entire top bunk. Mouth agape and with the heaviest breathing ever heard from a seventeen year old boy.

    As Jacob woke he made his way to the large window, he noticed something different about the rays this morning. They were powerful. Calling his name, one by one the rays inched closer and closer over to Jacob. His hand extending and to his astonishment, the blinds twitched and moved in the most unsettling ways. A steady slide upward, the blinds moved. And all with the flick of Jacob’s hand. 

    Knock knock.

    The blinds stopped.

    “ Who is it?” yelled Jacob.

    “ Who do you think it is you dimwit?” said a girl behind the door.

    “ Of course. Jasmine. My apologies. Please, come in.”

    Jasmine is one of the very few friends of Jacob. She has the lightest brown hair and light, almost golden, brown eyes. Every morning she greets him with his favorite of all gifts, coffee. A warm cup of caramel flavored coffee with steam rolling out through the drinking hole, and, as always, accompanied with a creme filled doughnut.

    “ Why must you be so polite to me? Out of all the girls in this place, your single with no hope in life.” Jasmine said with a laugh and amusement that Jacob could never get tired of.

    “ Well i really only have one girl on my mind.”

    “ Who is she! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! PLEASE!!” 

    “ I don’t know her name.”

    “ What do you mean you don’t know her name? You have talked to her before right?”

    “ No, not exactly.”

    “ What do you mean. How can you like someone that you have never talked to?”

    “ I don’t know how to explain it but there is just something about her that... -”

    “ Turns you on?”

    “ No. Shut up Jasmine.” he said laughing.

    “ Well what does she do. What do you like about her?”

    “ Everything. She has the curliest dark brown hair almost black. Like mine except mine is strait. Her eyes are bright lime green and they change all the time. Walking by her I see them change color from a midnight blue to a lime green. She is absolutely beautiful. Perfect in every way possible. She must have fallen from heaven.”

    “ Wow. You speak very fondly of her don’t you.”

    “ There is nothing wrong with her. She is perfect.” he said with such a twinkle in his eye.

    “ I’m sure there are a few flaws.”

    “ Well, there might be just one.”

    “ Oh yeah. What might that be?”

    “ She is kinda, how to put it in a nice way, big.”

    “ Dude your gonna judge her because of that?”

    “ No. God no. She is perfect but she is a little young as well.”

    “ How old is she?”

    “ Fourteen.”

    “ Dude! You can not go out with her.”

    “ Why not? All the time you see people getting married who are five, six, even ten years apart, what is four years gonna do?”

    “ She is childish and immature. You will break her heart when you break up with her.”

    “ I have never seen her act in anyway possible immature. She seems delicate and not at all like other fourteen year olds. She is different. She is like me. Polite and resectable. She-”

    “ Also doesn’t know her past.”

    “ You know her?”

    “ Yeah i know exactly who you are talking about. I knew as soon as you mentioned the eyes. They are like yours. The hair, the eyes, the build, and the politeness of you two. You guys could be siblings.”

    “ Sh! Don’t say that.” 

    “ Haha. Why not?”

    “ Because if she is, I can’t ask her out.”

    “ Are you serious? Dude she is fourteen! Your eighteen. How do you expect that to work out?”

    “ Easy. I ask her out, she might say yes, and if she does, we go. Not that hard. I mean come on. I figured you of all people would understand that.”

    Jasmine was an orphan, obviously like the rest of us. At least she knows why she is here. At the age of thirteen, she hacked the american governments security and cameras. It took the FBI three weeks to find her due to the fact that they had no control over anything. Due to the fact that there was no security mass destruction happened all over America with prisoners, rapist, and murders being released without any transaction. And because of that she was in jail for six months and got taken away from her parents. 

    “ I suppose I do.”

    “ Thank you.” 

    “ Do you want to get some breakfast?”

    “ Oh my Jesus, I have been wanting to hear those words all morning. Hurry before the beagles are all gone.”




    “ Do you ever just look into his dreamy eyes. They are so gorgeous!” said Cleo. 

    “ They are okay i guess. I mean they are like mine, green and changing with moods and weather and such. No difference.

    “ True but, he makes the look so, whats the word, sexy.”

    “ Cleo, some one has a huge crush on, whats his name anyway?

    “ Im not sure actually.”

    “ Santamaria, how can you not think that he is so hot. Do you like anyone at the place. Its not exactly fit for a royal family, but it works, might as well make the best of it right?”

    “ Yes, but i don’t think anyone likes me, and even if they did, they wouldn’t tell me.”

    “ Well then people just need to be more forth coming about relationships.


    “ Agreed. It would be nice to know if someone actually likes me or not..”

    “ I’m sure someone does, they just haven’t said anything.”

    “ I wish they would.” 

    “ Do you want to go get some breakfast?”

    " Oh can we please. I'm starving."

    " Well, duh, i didn't ask you just to tease you."

    With that, they were on their way. Down the same pathway as Jacob. Off to breakfast. Right foot then left. Passing the doors of the corridor and each room smelling different. Cold drafts came from under the crack of the floor, creating chills up and down Santamaria. Eager to get to breakfast, she sped walked when Cleo grabbed her arm in a sudden halt. Right in front of them was Jacob. Tall dark and handsome, at least, in Cleo's eyes. Jacob slowly walked over, creeping up on them as if they would run away. Cleo stepped in front of Santamaria, shielding her from the view of Jacob. As he got closer, he stood directly at Cleo, he was less than a foot away from her face when he politely asked to move.

    " Excuse me, miss, my name is Jacob, it would be very kind of you if you could step out of the way, there has been something I've been meaning to ask someone."

     With that Cleo stepped over to the side and turned around and faced Santamaria, as did Jacob. He approached Santamaria with blaring eyes. Cold blue until they reached hers, once they connected, both pairs of eyes turned to the brightest green either them or Jasmine and Cleo have seen.

    "Hi" said Jacob.

    "Hello" said Santamaria.

    " What's your name, if I may ask, oh my if I'm being nosey or annoying, please, just tell me to leave. Ill be gone. Oh lord Jacob just shut up your making a fool of yourself, you know what, this was a bad idea, ill just leave."

    " Wait! No don't go, you're fine, i promise. My name is Santamaria. What is yours, if i may ask." 

    " My name is Jacob, and your name is beautiful, like you."

    Santamaria looked over at Cleo, eyes wide and in shock, her eyes quickly led to meet Santamaria's, their color quickly changed form a brilliant green to a dark brown, a sign of embarrassment or regret. 

     " Why thank you."

     " Oh, please it was no problem at all. I enjoy giving compliments, especially to you. Your eyes, they sparkle and shimmer."

     " Well you should look at yours, there beautiful."

     " Again, like you."

     " I think not, I am everything but beautiful. I'm fat, ugly, and bloody stupid, what do you see in me?"

     " All i see is you. Your beautiful, kind and you're not fat, you're thick, not a single thing wrong with that." 

     " Thank you, that means a lot."

     Again she glanced back to Cleo, looking as if she might cry at any moment. 

     " Do you think maybe we could hang out some time, like go to the movies or the park or beach, your choice."

     She glanced over to Cleo, a tear streaming down her face as well a smile, so it was hard to tell if it was sadness or happiness, so as politely as she could she turned down the offer. 

     " I can't do that."

     " Why not?"

     " Well you see, my friend really likes you, i know she is probably gonna hate me for telling you, especially since use is right there, but she does and i know and since i know i can't go out with you, plus you are like four years older than me."

     " That is respectable. I understand. You are a good friend, and you," he said turning toward Cleo, " are lucky to have such an amazing friend." 

With that he left. His heart not quite broken but cracked from the rejection and the respect of Santamaria.

    Cleo and Santamaria walked down the hallway after a long hug. Coming up would be the large window. The sun rays shining through the small cracks in the blinds. As she passed each crack she grew weaker and weaker until she finally fell on her knees. Cleo racing to save her, what ever was happening to her didn’t matter, all she thought was that she can’t loose Santamaria. As she touched Santamaria she was hot, like the sun. She burned and blistered at her touch. She wondered what was happening. Her heart racing and thinking how Santamaria could not be dead.

    At last, she coughed, and then she shook her head. She woke and Cleo afraid to touch her, stood back in amazement. Santamaria was now fully standing looking like she was glowing. Light coming from her eyes and mouth. She was looking like and angel. In fact, Cleo could see a faint glow and material of what looked like to be wings.                    After about thirty seconds of complete awe, the glow faded. She was normal again. Cleo now convinced she was crazy. Santamaria feeling the best she has in her life. She felt alive, complete and whole. She was happy. 

    “ Are you okay?” asked Cleo.

    “ Am I okay? I fell amazing, a little warm, but i feel the best i have in my entire life. What just happened?” 

    “ I don’t know. I was talking about Jacob and the next thing i know, your on the ground not moving. I tried to help you but when i touched you, “ she held out her hand and it was blistered and red, “ this happened.”

    “ No. I couldn’t have done that. That’s impossible.”

    “ That’s what i thought until it actually happened.”

    “ Oh my, I’m so sorry.” She approached Cleo with open arms. A hug is all she wanted. 

    They hugged for a good five minuets before they both decided enough was enough. They parted. 

    “ Shell we head back to breakfast.” asked Santamaria. 

    “ Sure why not.” said Cleo. They walked and once more, widows were ahead. Under the window, there was a stand with a vase and a stack of brochures for a festival that was in town, two weeks ago.  

    “ Look, there are more windows.” said Santamaria. She pointed and flicked her hand. The blinds swooshed and swayed as if there was a current of air, there was none.  The vase flew off the table with a loud crash pieces of glass flew everywhere. The water inside the vase coming out like a snake, curving and then it was in the shape if the sun, then the moon, then it as gone, it just vanished. The roses that were inside the vase had grew to be wild weeds over growing on the floor and rapidly growing with thorns and razor sharp leaves, so sharp, the carpet was being completely shredded. A sudden breeze suddenly grew stronger and stronger. 

    “ What is happening!” said Cleo.

    “ I think I did this. This whole thing is because of me. I’m doing this. I don’t now how to stop it.”

    “ What did you do the first time? How did u start it?”

    “ I’m not sure. Thats my problem. I just moved my hand and next thing I know, everything is going crazy,”

    “ Try it again. Hold your hand out, and then do what ever you did last time.”

    “ It’s not working.” she said with her hand out flicking back and forth. 

    “ Try imagining it stopping, maybe its a mental thing.”

    “ Okay i will try.”

    She envisioned everything stoping. Going back to the way it was before. Things slowing down. As she did so, a warm wave came from her head spreading around and making her way to her hand. She imagined her hand being able to stop everything. Finally she placed her hand palm down, things stopping as she did so, never leaving the airy touch over the floor. Everything stopped, the air, the water, the rose growing uncontrollably. She flipped her hand with the palm facing upward. As she did a light quickly escaped from her hand. A single strobe blinding both her and Cleo. As the light passed, she was amazed to find that she was not blind, not even spots in her eyes, however, she was also amazed to find everything had gone back to normal. The vase was back on the table with the rose and water inside, the brochures were back on the table and the and the carpet clean with out a torn thread. 


    “ What just happened?” said Cleo

    " I'm not sure. Whatever it was, no one is to know. No one can know. Me and you. Thats it. I'm not sure what happened but what I do know is the I feel scared. I feel as if i just unleashed something inside of me that should have stayed hidden." Santamaria said shaken and staring in the cold brown eyes of Cleo. 







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