Cold Hearts

Jacob grew up as an orphan for all his life. Never knew anything different besides that. He has his eye on a girl and she doesn't really have interest in him. He soon gets adopted and is forced to leave. Adopted by his new "parents" he soon finds out what pain is. Bound and tortured. Asked questions about a missing item. He soon finds out what is destiny is to become.


4. Gone

    " Jacob, we need you in the lobby please." said Tammy, the manager of the orphanage. " Pack your bags," she said with a smile, " you're finally heading home."

    Jacob couldn't believe it. After eighteen year, he was finally being adopted. but by who? He walked down the hallway towards the lobby. Cold wisps of air flowing across his face. He approaches the lobby desk and in the back room he sees a couple. Two guys. 

    " Great." he thought, " I'm getting adopted by these guys, they don't look so bad. I could get used to this."

    As if one of them could hear his thought he looked back. Cold, grey eyes, dark brown hair and he did not look more than twenty five thirty at the most. 

    " Hi." said Jacob.

    " Oh my!" said one of the guys " It is so nice to finally meet you! We have so heard so much about you. And look! Tommy, he is so handsome!" 

    " Yes, yes he is." 

    Tommy didn't seem as quit as enthusiastic as the other man. Tommy was the one who looked back at Jacob. He seemed like he was forced to adopt Jacob. He looked at Jacob up and down before looking back down at the adoption papers. 

    " May I ask, what is your name?"

    " My name is Max. Sorry for the lack of introduction it's just me and Tommy here are so very excited to finally met you and adopt you. This has been out dream ever since we met isn't that right?" 

    " Uh, yeah" Tommy said with a heavy breath. Tommy slowly stood up. His build was quite scary. He was a solid six foot four and had muscles bulging out of his arms. Cold, gray eyes that seemed to slice through a persons soul. 

    " So you are Jacob." said Tommy. His voice was deep and sharp. Not anything like Max's. Something wasn't right.

    " That I am."

    " Nice. Nice to meet you," he held out a hand to shake, "son."

    Jacob hadn't heard that word before. Well, he has but never referring to him. 

    " Its- its nice to meet you too." he said reaching out a hand to meet his foster father.

    His hand was rough to the touch and he had a firm grip, almost too strong but yet comforting. He stared directly at his eyes, they quickly shifted behind him. His stare was directed toward Tammy.

    " Shall we get on with the adoption?" said Tammy.

    " Yeah," Jacob said. " what do I have to do?"

    " Well, since you are 18, you are an adult. Adoption for young adults such as you are very different that of a child, I need your signature to confirm that this is you. I also need finger prints as well as a photo."

    She directed Jacob over to a table with some papers and an ink pallet. 

   " Sign here." she said pointing at a line on a paper." after he signed he was directed to a  corner where his photo was to be taken. The light nearly blinding his eyes. Next his fingers were to be dipped in ink and placed on paper, as if a signature and photo wasn't enough. 

   " Yeah, I think we are done"

   " Perfect. I can't wait to show you around." Max said.

   " Max, honey, may I speak to you for a moment? In the hall please." said Tommy. His voice was on edge as if he were distracted. Something felt off about the two. Like they were hiding something. Nothing felt right. Their relationship, this adoption, Santamaria and Cleo. All of it.

    Moments later before they came back in. Max still smiling and Tommy showing no expression. "Shall we gather your things?" asked the manager.

    " Um, Yeah."   

    "I'll give you one hour to have everything packed. I'll send a couple of men up to grab your things and take you to the car."

    He looked at his watch. 10:30.

    " Can you give me until five?" he asked. He looked around the room at the three pairs of eyes.

    " No. I'm sure your new parents are eager to get you home." said Tammy.

    " Yes, we really quite are." Max said. Tommy, still quiet.

    " Okay I'll have everything ready in an hour."

    He walked out of the room thinking of everything he needed. Slowly walking down the hall. thinking of Santamaria and how he'd never see her again. He'd never get a chance to see her eyes or her beautiful curly hair. He'd never again get to hear her laugh as she walked down the hall and into the cafeteria. He knew he would miss that. He would miss it all. His friends, his non-blood family. Mrs. Loren in the break hall. Most importantly, he'd miss Santamaria. 

     He walked down the corridor. The varied temperatures and different aromas coming from individual rooms. One smelling of Hawaiian breeze, another smelling like popcorn. He continued walking down the corridor, listening in on each room as he passed. Someone typing in room 205, someone singing in room 207, and someone, actually two people, doing something they should not be doing. Just hearing the banging on the walls made him cringe. The moans, something else.

    He shook his head and kept walking. In no hurry to get to his room. As he approached his door, it suddenly hit him, this is the last time hes ever going to enter the room. This is the last time hes ever going to be in the comfort of his own space. He grew up here and he couldn't believe he was actually going to leave, for good. 

    Gently placing one hand on the door knob and exhaling a long sigh, he began to feel a presence. Something had not quite felt right. Before turning the handle to enter his room, a voice echoed in his head. 

    "Jacob.. don't go with them. Don't go.."

    He looked around to see is some one was close, there was no one. He looked forward at the door inches from his face, the stained wood smelling of an old shed and the wisps of cool air licking his ankles. 

   "Where is it Jacob.. where, tell me. They will kill you"

    Staring blankly into the corner, Jasmine  was standing with her arms crossed and a concerned look on her face. 

    "Are you alright?" she asked. 

    "Uh- yeah I'm fine, just thinking about some things." 

    "So I heard about you leaving. Is it true? Are you finally getting adopted?" she said with a mild, melancholy tone to her voice. 

     " Yes, I am. I'm happy to be leaving this bloody place. I just know I'll miss certain parts of here."

     " Your'e going to miss me right?" 

     " Why yes, of course." He looked at the ground and stared blankly, lightly swaying back and forth. 

     "You don't seem alright"

     " What if I don't like my new parents? What if they don't like me? What if-" he dared not say it " what if they aren't who they say they are?"

     " What are you saying?" 

     " I'm saying don't feel right. Like something is off about them."

     " Whats wrong with them? I'm sure you new mother is a wonderful woman." 

     " They are both men."

     " And they decided to adopt you?"

     " Yes, it doesn't make much sense. A couple like them, if they are a couple, normally adopt younger children. They want to raise a family together, not bring someone who is much older into it."

     " You're right."

     " I have no choice but to go with them." 

    " Be safe." with that, she gave him a hug and left the room. 

    He quickly grabbed his things and in no time at all, two men just outside the doorway getting ready to haul. It wasn't much. After all, he grew up there, had only been out and into the the city twice his entire life. He didn't know what to expect. He simply followed the men out into the cracked parking lot, said his goodbyes and left. 








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