The muggleborn- May Collins

A story about the muggleborn May Collins and her adventures at Hogwarts with her best friends Lily and Taylor.



Hogwarts. My new home. It looked magnificent. It was like a castle, with a lake shimmering in the distance. My thoughts got interrupted by a loud voice yelling 'FIRST YEARS! OVER THIS WAY PLEASE! FIRST YEARS!' I looked over to the source of the sound. It was a giant man, wearing a shabby coat and had a messy hair and beard. Lily, Taylor and I ran over to him. When all the first years were crowded around him, the giant said, 'I'm Professor Hagrid. Welcome to Hogwarts. Follow me please!' We followed Professor Hagrid over to the giant lake, where there were wooden boats tied up. I think we are going to have to row across. I absolutely HATE rowing boats. Once when I was little my family and I went rowing and I fell in and almost died. The vivid memory still rests in my mind. Again, my thoughts were interrupted by Hagrid. 'TWO TO A BOAT PLEASE!' he called over all the chatter. Lily and Taylor took a boat and eventually there was no one left to share with except a girl with frizzy hair and large front teeth. 'I'm Hermione Granger,' she said, 'want to share a boat?'

'Okay Hermione. I'm May by the way. May Collins.'


Once we finished rowing across the lake, we went through a door. A tall, stern looking lady was staring at us. 'Welcome to Hogwarts,' she said, 'I'm professor Mcgonagall. I'm a moment you will walk through these doors and join your houses, but before you do you will get sorted. When I return you will walk through the hall to the table up the front.' Then she left. Everyone seemed to feel the same surprise as me. WE HAD TO BE SORTED! I can't believe it. No one said a word until there was yet another 'Welcome to Hogwarts!' We turned around and everyone gasped. There were ghosts floating straight through the wall! One flew straight through me! It was cold and felt like a bucket of ice was just tipped on me but I wasn't wet. Straight after that Mcgonagall walked back through the doors. All she said this time though was 'Follow me.'


We walked through the doors to see hundreds of students wearing cloaks sitting at four tables. I looked up and saw the sky. I pointed this out to Lily, but Hermione must of heard, because she said 'It's not REALLY the night sky. It's enchanted to look like it. I read about it in Hogwarts-A History.' When we got to the end of the hall, there was a teacher desk, and in front of that, a shabby old hat on a stool. Mcgonagall walked in front of us and said 'When I call your name you will place the hat on your heads down it will determine what house your in. First: Granger, Hermione.' Hermione walked up onto the platform, muttering stuff to herself on the way. The Sorting Hat took a while to do anything, and for a moment I was wondering what it was supposed to do. Eventually, it yelled Ravenclaw. She put the hat back on the stool and ran to the second table to the left. Lily was next. She got sorted into 'Hufflepuff!' There were a few other people and then Mcgonagall shouted 'Collins, May!' I walked up onto the platform, sat on the stool and put the hat on my head. Just then I heard a whisper in my ear. 'Where to put you? I wouldn't put you in Slytherin or Gryffindor, but it's a hard choice between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. You are just and loyal but you also have a ready mind. I think I'll put you in RAVENCLAW!' The last word was shouted to the whole hall. I stood up, took the hat off and ran over to Hermione. It was over. I've been sorted. I'm a Ravenclaw.


After everyone was sorted, a heard the sound of a spoon on glass and turned around. 'May I have your attention please,' McGonagall said,'Professor Dumbledore would like to say a few words. She say back down and Dumbledore walked around the teachers table to a stand with a gold owl. The owl opened its wings when Dumbledore stood in front of it. He loudly created his throat and said, 'Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak!' and sat back down. Dumbledore seemed very unusual. But then the empty golden plates in front of us magically filled with food. There was every food you could think of! I loaded my plate with mashed potato, roast lamb and a bit of toast. It's strange that I want toast when there is so much more to chose from. When we all ate as much dinner as we could, the food disappeared of the plates, leaving them perfectly clean and replacing them with dessert. When we are all stuffed with the delicious food, Dumbledore asked the Prefects to lead us to our dormitories. Once we were in our dorms, we saw our trunks. Hermione and I have a bed next to each other. As soon as I got into bed and pulled the curtains across I fell asleep.

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