The muggleborn- May Collins

A story about the muggleborn May Collins and her adventures at Hogwarts with her best friends Lily and Taylor.


2. Chapter two

Lily Swift directed me to the barrier between platform nine and ten. 'Just walk straight through this brick wall. Best to do a bit of a run up if your nervous,' she said. Surely this can't be how to get on to the platform though! But she just ran straight through. I decided to try it. It was my only hope anyway. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and ran straight at the brick wall, pushing my trolley in front of me. When I opened my eyes, I saw Lily. The directed me through a crowd of people dressed in cloaks to a scarlet train. 'I'm so excited!' she squealed , 'all of my sisters have been and it's my first time!'

'None of my family has gone. I don't have any siblings,' I said.

'Well, I think your going to love it,' she said, 'and its best if we get on the train now and save a carriage.' We found the door and stepped up. It was already full of people in cloaks. When Lily saw this, she looked at her watch. 'I forgot! We need to put our cloaks on! We have enough time. Come on!' she said and pulled me off the train and onto the platform, where she directed me to the restrooms


After we were changed and back on the train (which by the way I found out its name. It's called the Hogwarts Express) all the carriages were full. Now we have nowhere to sit! We were asking around to see if anyone would let us sit with them but they all said no. So far it's not that great. Nobody's kind enough to let us sit with them. Eventually we found somebody. She was short and had ombré hair. She seemed really happy that somebody wanted to sit with her. 'I'm May Collins,' I said, 'and this is Lily Swift'.

'I'm Taylor Campbell,' she said.

'We ha-' I was interrupted by the trolley lady. 'Anything off the trolley dears?' she asked.

'No thanks,' I said. I had spent all of my money on school supplies in Diagon Alley.

'I'm good,' says Lily.

'Three of everything please!' Taylor says, pulling out a handful of wizard money.


There were wrappers and crumbs lying all over the floor. We were stuffed. There were all these strange foods like Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans and Chocolate Cauldrons. We were just looking at our mess when the train stopped. We carried out trunks out and there it was. Hogwarts.

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