By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.


3. When my eyes finally opened.

I woke up a few hours later, I think it was around 2pm. I finally felt well rested. I got up and the girls were gone.. again. They left a note. "Addy, we didn't wanna wake you cause we felt bad about last night. Just went to grab a late breakfast. Bringing you back your fav! Love linds"  At least they thought about me this time. I rolled out of bed and started towards the shower. I started to take off my clothes when I realized they weren't my clothes. "Shit" I said to myself. "I should have these cleaned and return them" I thought. I called down to the front desk and asked for dry cleaning service. They came to get the clothes and said would be backin about an hour. I felt better and jumped in the shower. I got out and got nice and dressed up, I needed to feel good after how shitty I looked late last night.

After I got ready the girls got back with my yummy food. So I ate and chilled with them, by this time it was almost 4:30 and the clothes were still not back. So I took the room key and decided to go downstairs and ask what was going on with the clothes, as well as get a SECOND room key so I wouldn't get locked out the next three days. This is what I wore. Basic shorts, white tee, and a cardigan with sandals and a fringe purse. 

I walked out of the door and headed a few feet down the hall when I heard another door open and close. I didn't want to turn around cause I expected it to be him. My stomach started to churn and I don't know why. So I pulled out my phone to pretend I was busy texting. I heard him run up, and then his hand was on my back. "Nice, seeing you around again" He said smiling. "Oh hey justin.. what's up?" I said smiling back. "I just don't have work till late tonight and I was just gonna sight see around town with some of the guys, where are you going?" he said trying to keep up with my pace. We got to the elevator and I pressed the button. "Oh, I had your clothes dry cleaned, and I am headed to pick them up. Oh and a room key!" I laughed. "Oh shit, I forgot about the clothes, don't worry about it. I don't wear my boxers or undershirts twice. So keep em" He smirked. "Oh, really? you can't wait your undies twice? I've worn mine lots of times over, you must think I'm so gross" I said sarcastically. What a spoiled brat. "No.. no I just am kind of weird about shit like that. I did it when I was younger too." I didn't say anything back. We got in the elevator and quietly made our way down.

I got out first and headed to the front desk and for some reason he followed. "hi how may I help you miss?" "Hi, i need another room key, the name is under Lindsey wilson, I'm a guest In the room and we just needed an extra." "i'm sorry, but I can only give out keys to the person who purchased the room miss." Ugh wtf. "hold on, she just didn't want to say anything but I'm here visiting her - I need a key to be let in after my show here with calvin harris tonight. so please make a copy for me as soon as possible." Justin said sternly. "Oh, of course right away mr. Bieber." And just like that I had myself a room key. We started to walk away. "Thanks" I said looking down. "I owe you too many favors now" I laughed. 

"Want to make up for one right now?" He smiled. "What do you have in mind?" I asked. "Just come hang out with me for a while, it'll be worth it." He said. "I thought you had plans with your boys?" I asked. "They'll be alright without me" "What makes you think it'll be worth my time mr. bieber?" I said mockingly.. he opened the door as he grinned and there was a bunch of paparazzi outside that i was not expecting. "ignore them, I have body guards in places you can't even see. Oh! Here's are SUV" he opened the door for me and I jumped in quickly. That was a rush. Good thing I wore a decent outfit. Justin sat in next to me and told the driver where to go, then he placed his hand on my leg, I don't think he even noticed what he was doing cause he's just a natural flirt, but I forgot to think about selena. Weren't they still a thing? 

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