By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.


7. What now

Again, we had sex again. Haha I just couldn't help myself when it came to him. He was such a natural flirt and every time he looked at me, smiled at me, or fought me in a flirty way the more I wanted to stay close to him. "I've gotta get up and shower, I'm a mess" I said. "One hot mess" He muttered. I pushed him off playfully and started walking to his shower when heard my phone go off. "You got a text add" Justin said. I ran back grabbed my phone and it read: "Addy, are you at his place again? You know our checkout is in a half an hour! We gotta go drive home girl!" 

"FUCK" I yelled. "what, what is it? Justin asked. "I totally forgot were leaving today, we have 30 minutes until check out. Shit I gotta go J" I started to throw on my top and jeans. "Wait, what just like that?" He said standing up throwing on his own clothes. "I mean yeah Jus what did you expect? We have two very different lives. I have to get back home." I said. "Shit yeah you're right. uh this is weird but give me your number. I still don't have it" He laughed. I took his phone and put in my name with the heart eyes emoji next to it lol. I started to walk towards the door after grabbing my purse. He followed. "Listen, text me" I smiled. He grabbed my face an kissed me so passionately and smacked my ass on the way out. "byee" I smirked. "Later" he said. I went to my hotel room door pulled out my key and walked inside to the girls all impatiently waiting for me. "Where have you been" "we've been worried sick" they said. "Yeah yeah we'll talk about it later. Come on! Lets get the hell out of here." We all started to walk out the door and head for the elevator. I got a text. "Nice Ass" obviously it was Justin. I replied "Looking through your peep hole? Stalker ;)" "Safe travels, I need you later.." he typed. "talk to you soon!" I said and the girls and I were off. 

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