By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.


1. Vegas.

Lets start off by making this a long story short. I was in vegas for the weekend for one of my best friends 21st birthdays. It was about 4:30am, I tend to wander and had somehow lost all of my friends with a dead phone and no charger. So there I was sitting outside of our suite, I was knocking on the door for what seemed like ages. I didn't know if the girls were all passed out in there or if they were out looking for me but I thought it would be best to stay by my room and wait for the birthday girl who had the only key. We had the biggest suite the hotel offers, well right before the penthouse. But the suites were directly next to the double doors that lead to the penthouse. I was hunched down in my heels and channel dress right there on the floor when I start to see someone yelling from a distance down the hallway. 

Now if you've never stayed in a type of hotel like this, you should know that the hallways seem to drag on for miles, its almost hard to see whose at the very end of them.

So i start to see this figure getting closer and closer and then I realize its a guy, okay now I see he's wearing a black hoodie and a baseball cap.. okay he's yelling. I couldn't figure out where i recognized him from, and then I realized that he was getting closer and closer to the penthouse and suddenly it hit me. It was Justin Bieber. Eventually he passes me in the hallway and looks at me while he is still on the phone cursing. "What do you want selena? Just tell me, I don't know what the fuck you want from me anymore-- I told you i'm in vegas doing promo. Goddammit"-- he hung up and put his phone in his pocket. He opened his door and I noticed his phone fell out, at that moment i hear him still yelling in his room. Then I heard something break. At this point I didn't see anyone else behind him or in the hallway at all, I decided to wait to make sure no one else was coming before I picked up his phone to bring it to him. His door wasn't completely closed. I got up, pulled my dress from my ass and wobbled towards his door. I lightly knocked while pushing the door open a little bit. "Hello?" I said I continued to knock a little louder. "hello?" I raised my voice. I started to walk in the room feeling a little awkward that I had no permission to this, but i'm sure he wanted his phone. I hear the shower turn on... so i made my way to the bathroom which was a ways away because of the size of the room. Then the water turned off. He abruptly open the door looking pissed off and confused.

"Who are you? How the hell did you get in here?!" He said with a raised voice walking towards me, I started to walk backwards. "These fucking fans man, where's my phone I'm calling security, if I were you--"

"Uhm, excuse me I have your phone.. It fell out of your pocket when you walked into your room. And YOU left your door cracked. I knocked but there was no answer. So excuse me for helping." I said back to him with an attitude. He's lucky I wasn't a crazy fan who kept his phone and broke into it. I tossed the phone at him and started to walk out.  

He caught the phone, as I was walking I heard him taking steps behind me. I went back into the hallway and sat by my door, now even more pissed for helping this asshole and i'm still waiting for my shitty friends. He walked out and stood in his doorway. "Look-- thank you I'm sorr-" "Save it" I said. "No, I'm sorry- I'm usually not this much of a dick I just got in a- i'm just in a bad mood. Thanks again" he stumbled on his words. I just ignored him.

"Why are you sitting on this ground in this amazing hotel?" He took a step closer to me. "Ugh (I sighed) if you must know.. its a long story but my phones dead, this is my room but I don't have a key and I'm not sure if my friends are in the room asleep or if they are downstairs in the club or looking for me. So I'm just sitting here hoping for the best." he walked towards me and starting knocking on my door. "it's no use, I've been knocking for like 30 minutes." I said. he bent down, "look this is weird and I don't usually do this but since you saved my ass by giving my phone back, why don't you come in my room and call your friends and wait for them in here." I Stood up,"Don't you have people who stay in here with you?" "nah they have their own rooms, come on- he grabbed my hand. You're not some hot serial killer are you?" He laughed. "Ha! Yeah me sure, no you weirdo of course not." I think he was a little shocked that I called him a name lol. 

I walked back into his room. He told me to sit on the bed. I was a mess, my makeup had to be running and I looked like a slut in this dress. "He's a shirt and some shorts" He threw me a polo white tee and some boxer shorts. "You look uncomfortable, i'll be in the other room so go ahead and change" He left the room, then quickly ran back and said 'oh, and heres my phone, call your friend- and tell them there a shit head for leaving a beautiful girl like you behind." He smiled and I grinned. I called lindsey and she wasn't answering. I called three more times and still no reply, so I sent a text. "Lindsey, where the hell are you its Addison, I had to use this guys phone i'm by our room, please come get me and let me in or wake up!" Ugh, I was so annoyed that I was going through this, but it kind of felt good to meet Justin. I started to change and when I was done I walked into the guest room where he was laying down watching tv. "Here, thanks" I tossed him his phone. "did they answer?" He sat up. "No, But i called and text her so if she responds just let me know, I didn't say who I was with-just that I borrowed a phone." "okay cool" he said quietly. I started to walk out of the room. It was awkward cause I didn't know what or where he wanted me to be. "Hold up!" he shouted. "Do you like scary movies?" He asked. I smiled. "Yeah.. why?" "Come watch this with me" He scooted over in the bed like he was making room for me. "I'm not sure if thats a good idea" I said. "Come on I'm not trying to fuck you, I just don't want to be alone and you don't have anything better to do." I laughed and walked towards the bed and laid down. He made some popcorn and i stayed up for most of it and then slowly fell asleep.

*Ring Ring Ring

*Ring Ring Ring

I sat up really fast to the sound of an iPhone ringing, I looked over and it was justin's phone lit up with lindseys number. "Shit what time is it?" I thought to myself- i looked at the clock it was 10am. Justin was still passed out next to me. I answered the phone. "Lindsey where the fuck have you been?" "I'm so sorry girl I just woke up, I'm in the room where the hell are you?" "Ugh, i'm coming to the room. Let me in, I'll explain later and don't call this number again" I whispered. 

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