By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.


16. Tour.

*Addys POV*


Justin has been doing promo for his album and upcoming tour for a couple weeks. He's been traveling all around the world.. and yeah we've been hanging out lately but not as much as we did the first couple weeks we were hooking up. I told him I needed better boundaries and he's been respecting that so far. But I'm not gonna lie apart of me wants to say fuck the boundaries and be by his side all the time, but if I do that I am bound to fall in love with the kid and I know that's not what he wants right now. Tonight he wants to grab a late dinner and talk about his upcoming tour with me so I'm getting ready. We've been trying to lay low lately considering the mass amount of hate mail I'm getting, so I'm taking my own car. The paps don't know what it looks like and I'm parking in the regular parking lot instead of the back or right in front of the restaurant. I threw on a sleek black dress and a pair of gucci heels J recently got me and left the house with Evert, another one of Justin's body guards who he sends over when I'm going to meet him places. I drove. I never really talked to evert so i asked him how he was doing "I'm doing well how are you?" he said. "I'm good, actually a little tired." I smiled. "So are you coming on tour with us?" he asked. "Uhm, actually I'm not sure I think thats what J and i are talking about tonight." I smiled. "Oh my bad" he said. "Don't worry about it" i laughed. "Justin needs to give ya'll some time off before you leave, i'll talk to him about it." I said... I knew these guys worked all day every day, they probably wanted to see their families. "haha thanks" he said. 


We arrived at the restaurant and I could see the paps in front of the restaurant but I pulled into the regular parking lot and got out. Evert closed my door. "Justin is already inside" He said. "Okay thanks just watch my front tonight and I'll probably grab your arm." Usually theres two to kind of sandwich me to safety haha. We were perfectly fine walking through the parking lot, no one realized who I was until we started to cross the street and got much closer to the actual restaurant. The paps were intense tonight. I held on tight to Evert and kept my head low while he pushed through the madness. 

Finally we got inside.. I was taken to justin's table by a waitress and evert was no longer in site. Justin stood up when I got to the table and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and a hug. "hey pretty little thing" he said. "Hi there" I smiled back. "I ordered you your glass of moscato" He said. "awh thanks" I said as i drank a sip. 


"how was your day" I asked him. "it was pretty chill today didnt have too much going on. how was yours?" he replied. "Mine was decent I just worked and now I'm a pretty little thing sipping wine with you." I smiled an took another drink of my wine. I always get horny off wine. "That you are, listen I wanna talk about tour". Justin said as he grabbed my hand on the table. "yeah i figured" I said. "I want to respect your boundaries, but I would also love for you to come on tour with me at least for the first leg in the states. I cleared it with the crew and theres a place for you if you want to come. If not thats fine you can visit whenever, I really wanted to leave it up to you." He said looking me in the eyes. I smiled and looked up at him. "We're gonna have so much fun" I said. "You'll come with me?" he questioned and smirked. "On one condition" I stated. "Whats that" he said. "Can I sneak into your bunk on occasion?" I smiled. "I welcome that" He said back. We finished our dinner and Justin left out the back and I went through the front like we both came in. I got a text from J. "Come over tonight if you want to babe" and right after that "We leave for tour on monday 8am, i'll have a car pick you up." 


I couldn't be more excited. 

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