By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.


8. the car ride home

I'm originally from arizona but I moved to L.A after I graduated from college, this is where I've met most of the girls I'm on this trip with. So were driving back to L.A when I get a text from justin. 


Justin: Hey are you flying or driving home?

Me: We're driving back its cheaper for all of us that way.

Justin: Where are ya'll from?

Me: I'm from Arizona but I moved to L.A when I graduated college. 

Justin: Oh shit a college grad? lol

Me: Your talking to one. :*

Justin: What part of L.A beautiful

Me: Don't make me blush. ;) And Hidden Hills. I'm sure you're not too far..

Justin: Yeah, damn thats like 20 minutes from me. :P

Me: Lol I know perfect distance for a fuck buddy relationship right?

Justin: You read my mind. 

Me: When are you going back to your place in the valley?

Justin: A day or two after I finish up this promo in vegas. Ill be in calabasas for a few days and then new york for a minute.

Me: mkay. Sounds good to me :)

Justin: I have to see you when I'm home. 

Me: That can be arranged. But what do you want me to do when I have shit to do like work or an appointment and you want me to fly somewhere and I can't?

Justin: Just quit your job. You won't need money while you're fucking with me, and I have doctors, lawyers anything you need on site so that shouldn't be a problem. 

Me: Well aren't you just a little intense?

Justin: The point of a FB relationship is to have no strings attached, when we want each other we get each other. Makes sense right? Plus were gonna have a shit ton of fun. Sometimes I just want to flirt and hang out or party just be young together with a hot girl lol, this isn't like an arrangement or some christan grey shit. I just want to have fun and I want you to be available for that.

Me: I feel you. I'm excited too. Not gonna lie :)

Justin: good.. hit me up when you get home. I should know when Im coming back by then.

Me: Ttyl J.



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