By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.


18. Sunday before tour.

I woke up before J did because i couldn't sleep well. I am so excited for tour but I'm so nervous for my heart. I got up and took a shower in the guest bedroom so I didn't wake him up. I did my makeup and blew dry my hair with full soft curls. I threw on my outfit and waited for J to wake up. After about an hour I went in his room to wake him up because I knew he had rehearsal at 11. "J, J wake up" I said as softly nudged him. "justin, you need to get up" I pushed him harder and his eyes opened. "shit what time is it?" he mumbled. "10" I said. "alright" he said as he rolled out of bed. "are you coming to rehearsal with me?" he said as he passed me and kissed me on the lips. "If you want me to, I guess I can pack later tonight" i said as I sat on his bed and got on my phone. "Yeah I can come help you tonight. You look beautiful this morning by the way" he said while brushing his teeth, I blushed. "Can you text one of the guys for me and have them come get us in the escalade, there's gonna be paps everywhere today, I can feel it" He said. I texted evert because I knew him better than the others. "he's on his way" I said. 


I felt like kissing him. So I did. He picked me up and put me on the sink as I looked down and grabbed his clean face, I bit his lip and that got him going. He wanted me I could feel it. My phone started to ring, it was evert. I jumped off the sink, fixed my face and said "lets go J". He was so red. "What am I gonna do with this?" he pointed to his dick. "Figure it out" I laughed haha. "give me a minute" he said while he grabbed my ass. "no, stop lets go. I wanna meet your dancers and learn more about the tour J".  We walked out to the car and headed to the rehearsal location. Justin was right there were plenty of paps because word got out that j was rehearsing here. Evert opened the door, and we both jumped out with our faces covered. We walked in hand in hand which was awkward in front of so many people so we quickly let go. J introduced me to all the dancers and then slowly to all the crew. I never realized how many people were involved in a tour. they started to run through the show from top to bottom and every time there was something off, justin would stop, fix it and start from the beginning. 


I ended up falling asleep in justin's dressing room because we were there for hours. J woke me up and i realized that it was 8:30. "lets go baby" he said. "shit I have to pack" I said. "its ok I texted Margaret and she's going to come do it or help us do it". Although i didn't like help often, i'm glad it was available sometimes. We got through the paps again and got to my place. When we got there margaret showed up shortly after us and she basically took over everything. I went to the kitchen to get us some waters when I got a text from j that said. "I want to fuck you when she leaves A". My knees quivered. So much of me wanted him, all of him but so much of me wanted to let my heart heal and not give in. This tour was going to be full of emotions. 



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