By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.


5. She's thinking.


I couldn't believe those words just slipped out of my mouth. She looked at me with a blank stare and I didn't know how to read her. "look of your not into it just say the words. You won't offend me. " I said. Even though I knew it would offend me. Sometimes I come off like a hard asshole but I'm actually a really sensitive guy. "I'm thinking J" she muttered. Fuck that was hot. I grabbed her hand and threw some cash on the table. "Let's go" I said. She got up and followed behind me without saying anything. I lead her through the paps and told Pablo to take us back to the hotel ASAP. I don't think she knew what I was planning. But I'm going to fuck her. We jumped out of the car at the front of the resort and I still held her hand in mine. I looked over and gave her s light smile. "Justin what are we doing?" She said. "I'm Gonna help you make up your mind" I smirked and we made I out into the elevator. I wanted so badly to fuck her right there but with my luck the footage would have gotten out.

I tried to remain calm and cool but she was so beautiful. "I'll race you to my room" she yelled and ran out of the The elevator. I started running after her and right by our doors I picked her up so she was facing forward straddling my body, I opened my door and threw her on my bed. I was on top of her. We just stared at each other with such passion, she knew I wanted her. "Can I?" I whispered in her ear. She nodded and turned her neck as an invitation. I accepted. I slowly started to kiss every inch of her body and I knew she could feel my member getting harder on her stomach. I moved lower and lower, I started to pleasure her with the touch of my lips to her sex. She went insane. I've never been so turned on by a woman before.. her smell, her moan. Everything was so erotic. Suddenly she pushed me off of her and tore off my pants and briefs, and before I knew it I was in her mouth. "Holy fucking shit addison" I said quietly. She looked up at me, and slowly stopped. We finally embraced each other and fell into insanity together. 

I woke up to her body across my chest, and her lipstick stains on my white t shirt. I just felt so calm, like this was right. She had to want this as much as I did. I hope she wants this fuck buddy relationship too, because I want her so bad, even more than before. 




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