By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.



We got back to the room around 7am, after wondering the streets of seattle in our pajamas for a couple of hours. I couldn't help but think how amazing justin is. Even if we don't end up together at least I know I have a genuine, kind and beautiful person as a friend -- I was so thankful for that. Justin didn't have to be at the area until around 10am so we ordered breakfast and took a power nap. I woke up to justins phone blowing the fuck up. I checked it and they were just instagram comments from some of justin's buddies on a most recent picture. Scooter commented "prank her for me" and kenny commented "good luck charm?". So I opened instagram and sure enough there was a picture of me on my side sound a fucking sleep last night. And justin captured it "new new". New new?? really justin, the asshole. I wasn't mad he posted the picture, just surprised that he even wanted to recognize me being connected to him publicly. It actually made me kind of - happy, I guess. I realized it was about 9:30 and justin needed to be up. I started jumping on the bed yelling "new new! wake up new new!" he woke up laughing, grabbed my ankle and made me fall back down on the bed. "you saw my instagram im guessing?" he asked. "sure did buddy" I smiled. "don't go thinking your special now new new" he joked. "oh really?" I laughed. He jumped out of bed and got dressed for rehersal. "wooooooooo" he yelled "i'm fucking hyped" he yelled. (you can obviously tell he loved to tour) "lets go baby" he said. I got dressed and we headed to set. It was so cool getting to see how everything gets put together in such a short amount of time. I spent most of my time in J's dressing room while he rehearsed. time passed by and it was about 6, 3 hours before j had to go on. We grabbed some dinner in his room before he went on.  It was just him and I. When people think of a dressing room they do not realize its more like an apartment. With a bedroom, a bathroom, closet and living area. I started to kiss him on the couch and we made out for a while. I tried to get him to have sex but his excuse was "i cant A it'll make me exhausted before this show". which i get but at the same time I was finally ready for him and NEEDED him. "are you trying to give me a taste of my own medicine?" I lauged "maybe" he said and laughed. "i gotta go. Wish me luck" he said. I kissed him and wished him luck and he was off.

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