By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.


17. Purpose


I had evert take me home to grab some clothes. We took his car back to J's and he dropped me off. "I'm here". I texted him. Margaret (the housekeeper/housesitter) opened the door. As I walked in she grabbed my bag, I always felt weird when she was around because I wasn't used to having people do my dirty work for me. "Hi ms. Charlotte, Justin is in the shower and he's asked me to gather your things." I blushed. "Hi Margaret.. Please call me Addy. How are you doing?" I asked. We started to chat when justin walked out with a wet body and only his towel covering his lower waist.  "hey add" he said while he placed his hand on the small of my back. He kissed my cheek. "what are you ladies talking about?" he asked. "just girl talk you know how we are" I said smiling. He went to the kitchen "want a snack?" he asked while digging into a bag of chips. "I'm gonna just get a couple plates and throw a bunch of shit on here" he said while chewing. "sounds like my kinda night" I said. "Margaret you can go home if you want, just finish up whatever you where doing when you come back on monday and say hi to your daughter for me" Justin said sweetly. Margaret left and justin grabbed the two plates of food and I followed him to his bedroom. We sat on the floor and chatted about tour and what it would be like for me. J is taking care of my rent for the months I'm gone since I won't be working. Tomorrow (sunday) I'll head to my place and really pack up my stuff before we leave on monday. 


"our last rehearsal is tomorrow night, if you wanna stop by and meet the crew" he said. "i'll come if I have time after i finish all my errands and packing" i said. J kissed me there on the floor of his bedroom. We started to fool around for a while and things started to heat up when I stopped him from putting his hand down my pants as he's on top of me. I don't know what it was that stopped me but I had to, something wasn't right and it just felt like the wrong place, wrong time. We haven't been hooking up a lot and apart of me still feels so connected to him and Idk, I guess i'm just trying to distance myself while still being close to him. I don't want to get hurt, especially by justin fucking bieber. 


"Did I do something wrong?" He asked as he moved away from me. "no not at all" I said trying to reassure him that he REALLY didn't do anything wrong, it was just me. "I'm just not myself tonight, I guess I'm not in the mood. I'm sorry". I said standing up (I kind of wanted to leave at this point).  "don't be sorry I get it." he stood up and grabbed my hand. "we can just chill tonight". 

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