By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.


21. Purpose tour day 1 cont...


We finally landed and we exited the private plane with mikey. It was 55 degrees and I was super cold walking on the runway towards the airport. Usually we walk directly into the car from the plane but apparently there was a food place justin loved in this specific airport. Justin put his fur coat on me as we walked off the runway and into the airport. This is what I looked like, I was starting to have more and more style as I hung out with J lol. 

Anyways we finished eating after some awkward encounters with fans, Justin has been weird about not taking pictures lately but now girls are asking to take photos with me, and I'm not good at saying no like he is, so J usually waits or keeps walking until I've taken the photos. We walked out to the front of the airport and got in the car and headed to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel the guards checked us in and we got our keys. J and I decided we would have separate rooms for space and honestly just to get along better, it would suck and I doubt we would ever actually stay in our own rooms. We got up to our rooms, there were only two nights left untill the first show but tonight everyone is going to chill and then go out later, tomorrow its rehearsal all day. 


We each went our separate ways. I was gonna take a nice relaxing bath and then order a massage before I get ready to go out tonight. I hate flying and I was low-key freaking out on that plane. About an hour had gone by and I was chilling in the tub with bubbles and wine when I got a text from j. 


Justin: Hey, wyd?

Me: I'm in the tub J

Justin: Really? Well I'm bored the guys fell asleep.

Me: mm that sucks

Justin: Let me come over?

I got out of the tub when I heard a knock on my door, It was my masseuse. He laid out the massage table, I went and threw on a pair of underwear because I feel uncomfortable completely naked with a random massage therapist. I laid down and my massage started. I heard my phone go off a couple more times and I realized I forgot to reply to j. fuck, he's gonna freak out. I tried to enjoy the rest of my massage when I heard the door open. 


"what the fuck is this" I heard, he said it surprisingly calm. Of course it was justin's voice. I sat up with my towel across my chest. "justin chill" I said. "i'm getting a massage". i said for reassurance. "get the hell out dude" he said. The masseuse picked up his things and left, when the door closed I through off my towel pissed off and naked. "what the actual fuck justin" I said. 

"I asked you if i could come by" he said. 

"yeah and you just ended my massage for what reason exactly?" I asked

"two reasons" He said. "I'm selfish and I'm jealous" he said straight faced as he came walking towards me. "I want want what I want" he almost whispered. 

"and what exactly do you want?" I asked. 

"I want you". He pushed me on my bed and I had to make the decision if I wanted him or not. 


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