By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.


4. My day with J

We sped off from the hotel valet parking lot and headed to where ever he was taking us. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Are you hungry?" he said. "I mean I just ate, but I could eat" I laughed. "Good, I like a girl with an appetite" He laughed back. "but if you don't want food food, their dessert menu is insane" "Oh... reeeeealy." I laughed. "I can get down with dessert" I noticed that J likes to talk with his hands but no matter what his left hand always ended up back on my thigh. "Here's good pablo" he said to the driver. Justin started to get out of the car and so did I. "hold up" he said as he jumped out of his side of the door and ran over to mine. He opened my door. And of course there were paparazzi here too. This place must be a hotspot because I have no idea how they would find Justin. He started walking me towards the restaurant and I heard things like "Justin is this selena's replacement?" "whose the new girl" "Justin! Are you cheating on Selena?" "What does Selena think about your new fling?" 

I couldn't believe how brutal they were. We got inside and it was a beautiful Italian place on the outskirts of vegas. We sat down. "So are what they saying true?" I found myself blurting out loud.  "What do you mean?" (Lol I know) He asked. "I mean, aren't you dating Selena Gomez?" I shrugged. "I mean, its complicated. We haven't been together in about 4 months but she's still very attached. She always wants to know what and where I'm going and with who... I mean, I'm not the most perfect guy either when it comes to her, but the public doesn't know were 100% separated because neither of us has done promo for a while and told the world about it. This is my first promo stop before my album comes out." He let out. "Oh, okay I get it, I just didn't want to be a home wrecker." I sighed with relief. "You're no home wrecker" he laughed. "We're just having fun, I just want some time to have fun and do me for a while." he said. "So, what does fun consist of exactly?" I asked and he paused for a moment..."aha. well I'm young and free, honestly I'm just looking to hook up right now, I don't want anything serious." He looked away like he was nervous to actually hear those words come from his mouth. "mmm.. I see" I smirked and looked down feeling strange. 

"Fuck it, i'm just gonna put it out there. I think you're sexy, sweet, and a little mysterious and that intrigues me" He said looking my eyes. "Okay, and?" I asked. He looked me up and down. "Wanna be exclusive fuck buddies? And by exclusive I mean were only fucking each other but this isn't a relationship, I just don't want to fuck you while you're fucking other dudes." "Whaa-" he cuts me off. "But when I want you, I want you, so you're gonna have to fly out to where ever I am and be there for as long as I want...What do you think addy? Wanna have some fun for a while?" I stared in complete awe at the fact that these words were coming out of Justin Biebers mouth... to me just your average 21 year old getting drunk in vegas... What am I supposed to say??




********** Hey ya'll hope you like it so far! What do you think Addison is gonna do? and wow justin is a little feisty huh? haha hope you like it! I need a few comments before I update! <3 Love you!

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