By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.


24. Meet me in the club.

I got dressed and to be honest I looked damn good tonight. I walked over to j's room, knocked on the door and he let me in. I didn't realize all of his boys would be in there too. So the stares were awkward, but flattering lol. Y'all ready? I asked. They nodded and we were off. We showed up at the club where we were ushered in due to the insane amount of people and fans at this club. We headed to the VIP area where I began to take shots and really get into myself. It sucked being the only girl here and it's times like this when I wish I had my vegas buddies. Oh well. I started to dance by myself while the guys just sat around and drank. He wasn't drinking because of his first show tomorrow but I needed to let lose. I received a text from j that reads "damn baby stop dancing like that in front of me or I'll have to go handle you elsewhere". Haha I ignored it because he was sitting directly in front of me. Finally I sat down next to Justin and we just flirted per usual. But then I started to hear someone outside of the VIP section yelling shitty things.

Sure enough I looked below us and it's the same girl from the shopping center earlier who told me I was a home wrecker. She's screaming things like "fuck you Addison!" and "hey justin where's sel at tonight?" Clearly she was delusional and belligerent. I tried to ignore her but it was getting more tough as she not only started to verbally attack me but justin as well. "Addy, ignore her please". Justin said. But I couldn't. I started to walk down the VIP steps when justin grabbed my hand and yelled "Addison stop- she's not worth it". But I continued and I could feel justin and Mikey behind me. I made my way towards the fake fan and asked her what the problem was. Before I had the chance to speak I felt a warm slap across my face. This girl just fucking slapped me. I rose my fist in the hair in defense mode when justin pulled me back and Mikey went for the girl. "Get off me justin!" I yelled. "Addison stop it's not worth it, look how you're acting right now" he yelled. "Then what am I worth? You have never defended me publicly. So instead I get bashed all day and night on social media and now publicly. If your not gonna defend me then I'm going to do it myself" I said.


He paused and let me go... "You bros let's get the fuck out of here" justin said to his guys. A couple more body guards ushered us to the car through the thick crowd of people who had there cameras flashing sweaty bodies rubbing against mine. I balled my eyes out the whole time in the car. Justin holding me like a baby. Thank god the dancers had to sign confidentiality agreements because I said some pretty personal shit in that car ride home. Justin had an umbrella that Mikey used to cover my puffy face as we exited the car surrounded by fans and paps. Once we got to the room I stripped and plopped on my bed. "Stay with me j. Don't leave me" I said. "I'll never leave you".  He said back. I was honestly so surprised he wasn't pissed and over my bullshit at this point. "I'm sorry" I mumbled. "Let's have sex" I said. "What? Now?" He said shocked. "Yes, I miss this. I miss us" I said as i grazed my hand across his chest.  "You are not in the right state of mind. as much as I want to --" I grazed my body against his thigh " and fuck do I want to, Its not a good night." He said. "When will be a good night?" I asked. "You tell me Addison?" He mumbled.  I pouted but quickly fell asleep to him playing with my hair.


Around 4am I woke up from Justin's phone light. He was on instagram. "What are you doing?" I asked. "I can't sleep I'm too hyped for my show tonight so i've been posting on instagram". He said. "Want to wonder the streets of Seattle with no supervision?" I taunted him. "You know I love breaking the rules" j smiled.


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