By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.


26. Isn't this your night?

Justin began to descend in the glass box he started his show with. That made me nervous just looking at because I'm afraid of heights. He looks so good thought, so at peace writing those thoughtful things on the glass. I was watching him side stage and the energy from the crowd was insane, they loved him so much. everyone else wanted to chill in the rec room but i couldn't leave side stage. I loved watching him in his element. I don't think Justin knows I sing but I should tell him sometime, recording with him would be dope. The show was coming to an end and Justin was singing purpose. I loved the connection he had with his fans. Justin put his head in his hands and I could tell he was getting emotional. He was so thrilled his fans still accepted him after his past and I think he really just felt loved. after purpose he began to speak "hows everyone feeling tonight?" fans scream.. "I'm doing well, really well in fact. Listen, I just want you all to know that I love you". screams.. "you do give me purpose" fans scream.. "thank you for accepting me into your lives and giving me the privilege to do what I love each and every day. This next song, is the last song of the night. Its called, sorry".  fans scream. Justin looks side stage and winks at me and performs his last song. I didn't know if I should be right there at the exit when he got off stage so i kinda floated back amongst the crowd of people backstage who wanted to congratulate him. I didn't know if he had a routine when he first got of stage so I figured I'd just hang back. He came running off stage took the water bottle from one of the crew man and just fell onto the first couch he saw, laughing and yelling "yeah!! we did it!". His dancers started to enter the room and they all kind of hugged each other and congratulated each other. Justin got up off the couch and started to hug crew members, thanking them for everything. "show one is done everyone!" he yelled. He finally found his way to me. His eyes lit up and he picked me up briefly to hug me lol. He set me down and still held me.  "congratulations" i whispered in his ear. He kissed me... in front of everyone if i might add. "thank you" he said back. "we usually do something the night of the show but i told the crew I'd rather do something with everyone tomorrow, im pretty tired". he said as he held my hand. "okay, j whatever you want". "lets go back to the room?" he said. "yeah lets go"  i smiled. He changed quickly and evert started to drive us back to the hotel. or so I thought. we pulled up at a place called The Pink Door. I was so confused. Justin opened my door and we walked up to the pink door. we were greeted and taken to our seats. It was such a romantic and beautiful place. we sat down. "whats all this for?" I asked. "I should be taking you out, your show was amazing" I said. "I thought it would be nice to have a late dinner and just chat" He said. "that and im always starving after a show haha". he laughed. There was music, candles, and even aerialists. We ordered our food and just talked about the night, his feelings about how the show went. everything just felt right. He wanted to take some selfies so he took out his phone and we shot a few pics. "come here" he said. "kiss me for this one" and he took the picture. I didnt know what he was going to do with these pics but it felt nice. we stood up to head out. I wanted a full body pic so i asked the waitor to take a pic on my phone. justin held me in his arms. We headed out. evert still in the car. we pulled up to the hotel and I headed towards my room. "can I hang out in your room for a while tonight" J asked. "yeah sure" I began to open the door.  When I walked in, there was rose petals scattered all over the floor. leading to the bedroom. there must have been hundreds of long stemmed roses in this room. candles lit everywhere and mood lighting set. I couldn't believe it. "I got the feeling you were ready, correct me if im wrong." he said. "you weren't wrong" I smiled. "good, so i thought it would be nice to add a litte romance into this friends with benefits relationship" he said smiling back at me. oh yeah... addison we are just friends nothing more nothing less i thought to myself. He kissed me and that thought just vanished from my brain and I was off to wonderland with my J.

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