By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.


9. Hidden Hills

Justin POV****

Addy is gone and now I have to actually work. Which sucks. I feel kinda weird. I wish I was with her right now just to be in her presence, which isn't something you usually feel with a fuck buddy. I've gotta get ready for this Calvin Harris show. But I wanna see if she made it home alright.

Me: Addison.

Addy: yes?

Me: did you make it home alright?

Addy: lol yeah just laid down in my bed. :)

Me: good I'm glad babe

Addy: I'm babe now?

Me: I told you I'm gonna flirt. I fucking love flirting so be prepared ha

Addy: ok I can get used to that 😘

Me: I've got a show tonight with Calvin at Mgm. I'm probably gonna get pretty fucked up afterwards so expect some drunk texts lol

Addy: that's fine. I plan on going out too actually so you might get some drunk addy texts too. 😛

Me: ohhh is that so? Where at beautiful

Addy: probably the nice guy with some friends from work babe.

Me: and what if I want you tonight?

Addy: you're not gonna want me tonight you're flying home tomorrow morning there's no point lol

Me: Idk girl I'm horny as fuck when I'm drunk. So keep your phone near.

Addy: got it babe.

Me: alright I've got sound check. I'll try and text you afterwards. Be good 😛

Addy: always 😘

Fuck I already want her so bad. I don't want to make her fly out after she just got home but I 100% know I'm going to want her tonight. Shit maybe I'll just fly to her. Focus Justin. Off to sound check.

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