By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.


15. Fall.

Still Justins POV*****

I picked up my room a little while I waited for her but I wasn't going to try hard. I kept my shirt off and my sweats on. 

"I'm here" she texted me. I told Mikeyy I wasn't gonna need him for the rest of the night and went to answer the door. When I opened it she was getting out of the backseat of the suv and started to walk the long walk to my front door. It was kind of awkward when she walked up. "Add" I said. I tried to put my hand on her lower back but she just walked by me through the front door. I held the door open for her and she walked right in down the hall to my bedroom. I followed her. She sat down on the couch in front of my bed. "so whats up" she said.  I knew she had an attitude obviously. I didn't really know how to approach the situation, I just wanted her to know that all I wanted was to keep fucking her and hanging out with her as friends and showing her the world. 

"thanks for coming over this late" I said. I stayed standing in in front of her as she sat.

"What do you need j" She said.

"I need this back" I pointed to her and I. 

"WellI I don't know how you're getting it back. You fucked up" She said with sass. 

"I know I did, I said I was sorry. I'm not gonna hang out with halsey anymore"

"Justin its not about hanging out with halsey.. its not about flirting with halsey. Because that shit is supposed to be okay remember? were just screwing so that doesn't fucking matter. What does matter is your character, and the amount of respect you are supposed to have for me. If you would have told me about your past with her I probably wouldn't have gone and been all over you in front of everyone back stage at that show making myself look like a fool while everyone else knew the truth. Thats what this is really about." She stood up in front of me. 

"Addison, I swear to god it wasn't something I even thought of when I brought you there. I need you to understand that this, this is so new for me too. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. It's a unique situation and it comes with different boundaries. I'm trying to figure this shit out too" I said sternly

"I understand that. But I'm not some groupie whore you can just fuck around with and throw away ok. This whole thing we have going on here is now affecting my whole life. I will never just be Addison Charlotte again, I'm now addison charlotte justin biebers new fling who constantly gets death threats and nasty comments and looks from people I don't even know on a daily basis. And to think its all for nothing really fucks with my head." She started to get tears in her eyes. I took a few steps towards her and wiped the tears that were about to fall from her eyes. 

"This isn't all for nothing. I'm sorry addy. Im sorry for what I did to you and Im sorry for all the shitty people out there making you feel uncomfortable. This isn't going no where. In the end I promise you we will always be friends no matter how this turns out. I don't want to see you walk out of my life. I have so much more to learn about you and I'm excited for all the fun we are about to have." I said and she looked at me.

"I'm scared I'm gonna fall" She almost whispered. 

"Fall?" I said not really understanding her. 

"Fall for you" She said. -- I didn't know what to say. Of course I liked addison. I had to like her... I mean I fuck her for gods sake. I do always feel the need to want to be around her and get to know her more and more but I just got out of a long and draining relationship I'm just trying to have fun right now. All I could do was hold her. I pulled her close after she said those words and we just hugged for what seemed like forever. 

"We just need better boundaries so I don't hurt myself J" She said. 

"I can work on that." I said back as I kissed her forehead. "So are we good? Can I fuck you again?" I said jokingly.

She pushed me and laughed. "you have my permission to fuck me again" and she smiled. "good but tonight I just wanna hold you. Lets go to bed" I said and led her to my bed. I was happy to have addison back in my life. But worried I was going to hurt her in the end....


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