By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.


10. Don't joke.


Addys POV *******


Justin: I need you

Me: do you?

Justin: I'm serious addison

Me: 24 hours..

Justin: No now.

Me: I'm not gonna fly back to vegas right now I'm very intoxicated

Justin: no one said you had to do that

Justin: Addison

Me: stop saying my name like that you're turning me on

Justin: Its gonna get a little hectic at nice guy tonight

Me: mm whys that, its fine right now

Justin: because ill be there in two minutes 

me: Shut up

Justin: I'm serious where are you 

Me: Don't joke cause i just got super excited

Justin: Iol I'm not im pulling up now, no one knows I'm coming so maybe i can lay low if no one sees my face.

me: I doubt it your hair is a dead give away 

Justin: Where are you, i'm also very intoxicated.

Me: At a table in the corner, come get me baby

Justin: I'm coming with mikey (His body guard for those who don't know)

Me: K i'm in a tight, white dress.

Justin: I look forward to seeing it on you.

Me: ;)

Justin: not as much as I do seeing it off though.. I'm bout to get out of the Tahoe now 

30 seconds later I see J trying to make his way through a mob of people thats starting to form as he gets close to my table. Of course lights start to flash. The girls still don't really know who I was fooling around with in vegas so they will be in for a surprise as well. We make eye contact and he winks charismatically with his hoodie over his messy blonde dreaded locks. He quickly grabs my hand and pulls me in front of him as he is still walking forward with his other hand on my ass, guiding me in-between himself and mikey as we make our way through the crowd. He pecks my neck very subtle like, and I just kept my head down and followed mikey wherever he was taking us. 

We made our way up to the dj booth area where there was a vip section and we sat down. Mikey stayed standing away from us. It was just Justin and I in this little vip area off to the side of the booth, side stage hidden from the crowd of people. He pulled my legs onto his lap and kissed me passionately but gently as well. Just enough to say I want you, but not enough to say right now. I nuzzled my head into his shoulder. "Yo mikey, two vegas bombs and a bottle of Alize with mixers please man" 

"Goddamn boy" I said. He laughed, "what?" "I'm already a sure thing" I laughed hard. "I like drunk sex" He kissed my ear. We continued to drink and party. He sang a couple of songs at the dj booth and got the crows pretty hyped up, my girls came up at that point so we got more fucked up and danced. I made sure they had a ride home with some of justins people before we headed out. 

Getting out of the club was insane. It was literally like we had to push our way out to even move, with lights constantly flashing, and questions being yelled, there was no way I was going to keep myself out of the public I with this one. He held my hand and TRIED to lead me to the car. And even intoxicated was a gentleman, put his hand on the small of my back and had me get in first, with his cigarette still in hand we both hopped into the black suv and started to drive. Where exactly I wasn't sure. 

He really loved to flirt, and actually I loved it too. I loved the fact that we could just be super into each other and show that and not be worried about what the other thinks because we know its just for fun and mohave a good time with nothing else attached, no labels. He had me right up on him with his hands all over me..

Me: Justin where are we going

Him: where do you wanna go 

Me: My place or yours 

Him: well you are in thousand oaks and were in L.A so either or cause my place in calabasis is about the same time difference away. How many bedrooms does your apt have babe?

Me: Two, how many does your house?

Him: 7

Me: do you have a hot tub?

him: Sure thing

Me: Ill take 7 different rooms and a hot tub to fuck you in then please. 

Him: Laughs** alright then my place baby girl. 


He kisses me the whole ride to his house, trying to slip his hand up my dress. Which I'm surprised I stopped because i was super drunk by this point, more than I have ever been before. We finally get to his place and mikey lets us out, gets us into the house and goes to his room, I'm assuming he stayed to keep an eye on us just to make sure we don't burn the damn place down. 

Once I knew mikey was in his room for the night, I started to slowly walk the halls and take off my dress, my bra, and undies. "Where would you like it?" I smiled. He kept his eyes on me like a cheetah watching his prey, ran to me and picked me up so swiftly...

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