By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.


11. Don't go... without me.

Addys POV.

"Baby" I heard. "Baby wake up" I opened my eyes and looked up to the sexiest eyes I've ever seen looking down at me. "I've been bored here waiting for you to get up" he said smiling and squeezed me a little more in his arms as I laid on his chest. "Mmm" was all I could say. I was warm and tired as I rolled over facing away from him. "Last night was incredible" I mumbled. He moved my hair and sweetly kissed my neck. "You're incredible, your skills in bed are incredible... But you know what's better than both of those?" He said. I flipped over to face him, "what's more incredible than my skills in bed? Jerk." I smirked. "Breakfast." He laughed. "Now come on get up I'm fucking starving!" He hopped up and climbed over me. "Nooooooo" I whined. "I don't want to" I pulled the blankets up over my head. Next thing I knew he pulled me down the bed by my feet. Exposing my naked body. "Addy" he said. "Hahah what do you want from me you freak" I laughed still tired. "Get your sexy little ass out of my bed and come get some breakfast with your boy" he demanded. I ignored him and I was abruptly scooped out of bed and put in the shower with such a gentle man. (Sarcasm)

"Fine I'll go. But I'm literally wearing sweats and a tank top" I said washing out my hair. "You know I don't give a shit about that, it's you who freaks about the paparazzi" he stepped out and put a towel around his waist. "Dammit dammit dammit I forgot about them. I forget I'm fucking Justin Bieber sometimes" and got out myself. I still didn't care today. I needed food and wanted to actually enjoy ourselves at a restaurant instead of ordering to go.

After changing. We met Mikey downstairs by the car. No paparazzi in his gated community but there would be for sure in town. We both wanted Ihop so we went to ihop. Super casual I know. Couldn't wait to see the photos paps got of me there. Whatever. We ordered our food and got to talking.

"How was your show with calvin last night before you came back" I asked

"It was really good. Got super lit, as you know. He's a cool dude. Glad I came home for the night though" he smirked.

"I'm glad you did too.. I got drunk and missed certain parts about you" I laughed.

"And you didn't text me?"

"You texted me first." I replied.

"You know if you want sex you can hit me up too, and I'll do what I can to accommodate. This goes both ways Addison" (why did he always say my fucking name like that.)

"Mm.. I'll keep that in mind for next time" I took a bite of my food.

"I hope so" he said.

"What's your schedule like today?"

"Your my schedule for most of the day." He smiled.

"And then?" I said.

"Ugh I have to fly to New York at like 6 tonight for good morning America in the morning"

"Mm that sucks" I tried not to look disappointed but I was.

"You can come with me if you want" he said.

"Oh that sounded super enthusiastic" I replied.

"No like, come on you know what I meant. Of course I want you to come but you don't have to if you don't want to" he looked in my eyes. We were both finished eating.

"I'll think about it" I said.

"Have you ever been?"

"Nope" I looked back in his eyes.

"Okay now you have to come with me we can leave earlier than 6 and site see a little, it'll be fun. Halsey will be there. You'll like her you girls can hang out when I'm busy and shit." He said.

I'm not sure if I wanted any other person to hang out with besides him. So I didn't really care that she would be there.

"I just don't want us to spend too much time together and either start developing real feelings or annoy the shit out of each other and start arguing j." I said. "But I also don't want to see you go, you know what I mean?"

"Listen, Addison we met like a week ago, we still have a lot to learn about each other as friends. I don't think we've spent too much time together. If I annoy you or you find yourself developing feelings just be honest, tell me and go home to breathe a little. I'll do the same ok? I swear"

"Alright. I'll go with you" I said. "We just have to communicate to make this work"

"Agreed" he said "now let's get out of here I need to fuck you before this long ass flight." He whispered, grabbed my hand and led me out the door through the waves of paparazzi.



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