By Accident.

A vegas trip and accidental meeting with Justin Bieber in the middle of a hotel hallway turns Addison's life around and gives Justin a run for his money.


12. concrete jungle.

We're currently almost done with this flight to New York about to land. We had plans to go do the usual. Statue of Liberty blah blah blah. But I was excited.

After site seeing all day and spending way too much money we got back to the hotel and we're both super exhausted we ended up just falling asleep for once without having sex. Which was actually kind of nice. I woke up from Mikey in our room shaking Justin and I to get up. Justin was an ass to him this morning Idk what was up. He got dressed pretty quick and I lagged and got to his set about ten minutes before he went on. When I showed up Mikey said he was in his dressing room alone. I knocked "who is it" he yelled sounding annoyed. I opened the door. "Just me" he looked relieved. I went over and sat on his lap with my legs spread facing him. I gave him a long passionate kiss. And then started to rub his shoulders. "Tell me what's wrong" I said. "Nothing honestly, I just get tired sometimes it's like I have no breaks with this lifestyle. I get in moods sometimes. Today is one of those days add" he said.

"Is there anything I can do to help? I looked down at him. "You can kiss me again". I kissed him passionately again. We made out for a while actually and I could feel him starting to get hard. And then there was a knock on the door. I hopped off of him. Halsey walked in, "sorry" she said. "Am I interrupting?" She asked. "Nah nah your good" Justin said awkwardly moving things around like was doing something else when she knocked on the door. "Ok just wanted to tell you. Your sets up in 3 minutes" she said "ok thanks see you out there" j said and Halsey closed the door and left.

I chucked a little bit. And he came over, grabbed my waste and pulled me into a kiss and hug. "Wish me luck.. And watch me side stage ok babe" he said. "Good luck. I'll be watching" I winked as he walked out.

As promised I watched him sing live side stage and it was incredible. Soon enough Halsey came and stood next to me for her duet with Justin coming up. "Good luck" I said "ha thanks" she said a little bitchy. And walked onto the stage.

I actually couldn't believe it. They were all over each other. And in the end it almost looked like he was going to kiss her. It really pissed me off. I know I'm not supposed to get all jealous and he does it to work up his fans. But it's hard to not get pissed off when you see someone your fucking all on another girl. He made it look so real I wondered if they had ever done anything. Halsey came off stage and into her dressing room. I knocked and she let me in. "Hey I have a question for you" I said. "What's up" she said as she wiped the sweat off her face. "have you and J ever hooked up? Woman to woman" I asked. "I mean yeah we hooked up once or twice like a year ago when he was recording the album.. Why does it matter?" She said. "Oh I could just tell you guys had a lot of chemistry on stage, great set btw". I walked out trying to fake smile my way out.

Well this sucks. We flew here on Justin's private plane. And I can't afford to just up and leave tonight I don't have the money, but I don't what to be here. I don't want feelings and obviously I'm jealous so I need to stop this now. Justin came off the stage and came right up to me in front of everyone for a hug but I wasn't into it. Which was awkward. He talked to a few people and then took me to his room. "What's up did you like it" he said. "Yeah it was, it was great" I said "what's wrong" he stood up from his chair and walked towards me. "Nothing, when can I take a flight back to L.A?" I asked quickly. "Well the plane isn't here so probably tomorrow.." I started to walk away. "Ok" i said. "Wait wait wait.. Addison what's the problem?" He walked after me and grabbed my waist.

"Don't touch me please" I said. "Nothing I'm just gonna go to the hotel and grab my things and stay somewhere else tonight ok? I'll see ya" and I walked out to find Mikey. I asked for a ride back to the hotel.

He gave me one and I grabbed my stuff, went to the front desk and just got a different room until the morning.

Text from justin:

Addison tell me what I did..

Why are you so pissed off?

I need to know your okay at least tell me where you are.

Me: I'm fine I'm staying in the same hotel ok. I just need some space.

Justin: I don't know what I did but I'm sorry.

I didn't reply. But I was antsy. I wanted to go out tonight. I've never been out in New York so I looked up popular clubs and just picked one. Got dressed up and caught a cab there. I actually waited in line for once. When I got in I ordered a few drinks and started to get a little tipsy. When a really hot guy came up to me and asked to buy me a drink. I accepted and we got to talking. Eventually he took me to his VIP table where most of his guys were sitting. When I looked over.. Of course I saw Justin walking to a VIP table across the club. I quickly turned and tried not to let him see me. The Dj makes an announcement. "Shout of to my man Justin bieber in the house tonight everybody show some love" the guys I was sitting at the table with actually clapped. How mortifying.

A few minutes passed and Adam (the guy who bought me a drink) led me out to the dance floor and we started to get hot and heavy into dancing. I was super drunk just not giving a shit honestly. When someone grabs my hand. "Is this a joke?" He said. It was a very pissed off Justin. Adam started to approach Justin and Mikey was quick to intervene. Justin pulled me to his table where it was just him and I. "What the fuck are you doing with that asshole" he yelled at me. "Who do you think you are? You can't just pull me from someone like that I'm not your little rag doll Justin!" I yelled back. "I don't give a shit why would you be all over some idiot when you just fucked me yesterday?" He said "really I could say the same for you" I looked away. He got closer to me. "What are you talking about Addison?" He asked.

I walked away pushed through the crowd and of course he followed me and with Justin comes Mikey. I was looking for the black Tahoe he always pulls up in while the paparazzi swarmed my life. Finally found it and got in. Justin too. "Tell me.. Tell me why you did that to me? Just to make me jealous and piss me off?" Justin yelled. Thank god Mikey stayed outside of the car. "Halsey told me" I said quietly. "She what?" He said. "Halsey told me you two fucked" I said. "God dammit" he said and put his face in his hands.

"And you didn't fucking tell me. You let me walk into that place thinking I was special. Trying to make you feel better this morning.. I couldn't wait to watch you perform. Mean while Halsey and probably everyone else back there knows you two hooked up. You made me look foolish and pathetic in front of everyone. It was disgusting. I can't believe you did that to me. So yeah I'm gonna dance and flirt with a guy just like you did with Halsey. After all were only fucking right? No where in your rules did it say I can't grind on another dudes dick if that's how you wanna play" I yelled. I was fucking pissed.

"You're right" he almost whispered. I was expecting a scream back. "What?" I said with an attitude. "I should of told you about her and I. It was like a year ago and honestly it was such a random, minimal hook up I didn't even consider it." "Why did you fuck her?" I asked. "What do you mean" he said. "What was it about her that made you want her?" I asked. "Addison I was extremely fucked up and we were celebrating because we finished the song that's it. It just kind of happened" he stopped for a second. "And all that shit on stage, that's acting. I'm putting on a show, you have to believe that" he took my hand.

"I think it's time for me to go home Justin" I said looking down. "Okay. I'll take you back to the hotel" he said. "No like home home. I need to go home" I said. He didn't argue. "If that's what you want. I'll schedule a flight for you in the morning."

The ride back to the hotel was quiet. I let him to get out first and let the paparazzi swoon over him. I waited for like 10 minutes before I got out hoping they would be gone. They weren't. I quickly made my way to my room and just sat there, thinking. Until I woke up to the sun in my eyes.

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