Mad love

"You're no good for me but baby i want you".

5sos fanfic


3. Michael

Michael pov

My name is Michael Clifford, I was the one who wrote Aaliyah Waters that beautiful poem. It was a little weird, because I have never seen her just heard about her. I guess she was in a gang? When Ashton punched me in the arm and showed me who she was i froze, I've seen those blue eyes before, she looked like Ali. Ali was my best friend till her mom died and her dad made her move away, to who knows where, or why. I moved here Four years after she left me. I'm eighteen now and this is my last year in high school and i'm still dumb as fuck..Its kinda sad. I have a girlfriend though, Her name is...... well shit i forgot it. Oops. All I can think of is where did Ali go. Was that her? wouldn't she recognize me? 


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