Mad love

"You're no good for me but baby i want you".

5sos fanfic


2. Aaliyah waters


My name is Aaliyah waters, and yes I found that poem in my locker, weird. Michael is The school's bad boy but he isn't like ones I've seen before.He has bright red hair and blue-green eyes. When he looks at me it feels like he can see through me.

He is in a gang, i guess the leader, or whatever. He's not a nice person, he uses girls but he doesn't do drugs. He currently has a girlfriend named Lexi, schools slut, shes twig skinny, what guys like that? I have curves, long black hair and a nose piercing. I probably sound imitating, I am. I know it but Lexi,she doesn't get that I can knock her out in ten seconds. I have five tattoos BTW one is to represent the gang i'm in. Guess whoseJarrod's.  I seemed innocent at the beginning,ha ha fooled you. My other tattoos tell stories about my life. No One knows what they mean, not even my best friend Jarrod he's a crazy blonde, blue eyed boy, that most people are afraid of.


Music playlist( for this chapter)

Bad girls club - Falling in reverse.



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