Sydney just moved from Ohio to Australia to hang out with her soon-to-be stepbrother, Blake Green. Blake's band member, Ashton Irwin, is Syd's "brother" as soon as they meet. But after Ashton is kicked out of his band and joins 5sos will they stay close, or will they fall apart?


10. Summer's End

I've got to admit, that kiss with Luke, it was magical! But to be entirely honest, it was nothing compared to the kiss with Calum. With Luke, there were sparks, but with Calum, it was like WWIII had just started. And today was the date with Calum. I decided to text the only friend I have, Kat.

a/n Kat is Syd's friend from Ohio, okay continue reading xx Em (ps in txts Syd is bold, Kat is italics)

Hi Kat, remember me?

How could I forget, I remember you every time I listen to 5 Seconds of Summer!

Is it because Ashton Irwin is my friend?

I was going to say because you live in Australia, but that, too. He's adorable!

Eww! That's weird. Lol jk!

Omg have you seen their cover of Nxt 2U ?

Ya views r thru da roof!


Well I gotta go! C ya


A/N B4 I continue writing...I'd like to say that the winner of the entry is Sam! Thanks to all those that entered. Sam, you should show up nxt week!!

I decided to start getting ready so I hopped in the shower and washed off. When I got out I dried my hair, then went to get my Nirvana belly shirt, belly ring, and ripped, black skinnies I had got out earlier. I put it on and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and then fixed my hair. I did my makeup and got my purse ready. I heard knocking so I put on my flats and went to the door.

"Hi." "You look beautiful, princess!" I turned pink. "We should go before I blush anymore..." He chuckled. "Onward and outward, then!"

He took me to the beach and stopped me. "It's a little tricky to get where we're going." "Okay but-" "No questions! Come on." With that he dragged me to the rocks nearby and pulled me on top of one. We walked over to a blanket and I realized it was for a picnic. "I. Love. Picnics!" I yelled. "Me. Too!" Calum mimicked. "This is a good pbj!" I said, smacking my lips. "This isn't even the best part! Wait here." He ran over a couple rocks and came back with a guitar.

He started strumming to a song I recognized, but didn't fully recognize it until he started singing.

"As we wake up in your room,

Your face is the first thing I see,

The first time I've seen love,

And the last I'll ever need,

You remind her that your future would be nothing without her,

Never lose her, I'm afraid,

Better think of something good to say

But it's all been done, more than once so I'll keep on trying,

Oh God don't let me be the only one who says...

No! At the top of our lungs,

There's no, no such thing as too young,

When second chances won't leave you alone,

Then there's faith in love

She was always the one,

I'll repeat it again, the one,

No such thing as too young,

Red lights flash in the car we're kissing in,

Call me crazy,

I've always tried to remind her that the future's

Just a few heartbeats away from disaster.

I'm afraid that I've thrown it all away.

No! At the top of our lungs,

There's no, no such thing as too young,

Second chances won't leave you alone (won't leave you alone...)

No at the top of our lungs,

There's no, no such thing as too young,

Second chances won't leave you alone


We'll repeat it again,

There's no, no such thing as too young,

Second chances won't leave you alone,

'Cause there's faith in...


If you kiss me goodnight,

I'll know, everything is alright,

Second chances won't leave us alone,

Won't leave us alone,

'Cause there's faith in love"

Tears began to brim my eyes. "Calum. That was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. Thank you." "For you, princess, anything." With that, our lips connected and it was like a fire. Don't call me typical or anything but our-whatever we have-was ablaze! And I loved it.

He drove me home and dropped me off, not before kissing me, of course and with that, our majestic date was over. And with it, summer. School starts Monday and I'm not prepared for it at all...

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