Sydney just moved from Ohio to Australia to hang out with her soon-to-be stepbrother, Blake Green. Blake's band member, Ashton Irwin, is Syd's "brother" as soon as they meet. But after Ashton is kicked out of his band and joins 5sos will they stay close, or will they fall apart?


11. New School

I woke up and looked at the time. 6:30. Good, I have an hour and a half to get ready. I hopped in the shower and washed off. When I got out, I brushed my teeth and dried my hair, and after a long session of combing through the knots, I put it up in a bun. I put on my Sleeping With Sirens shirt along with my black skinnies and vans. When I was finished with all of this, I saw it was 7:35. I ran downstairs and made Blake and I a bagel. "Hey douchebag-" I joked, "-come and get your bagel!" "BAAAAAGGGGGGGEEEELLLLLSS!!!!!!" Blake yelled, running down the stairs, and almost tripping. I laughed at his immaturity. "Sometimes, Blake, you're really weird!" I commented and he replied, "Well, all the time you're weird!" He ran put of the house and got in his car, honking the horn for me to hurry. "Okay, okay, I'm coming." I said.

When we were at school, we went and got our schedules. I had Math first period. "Ugh, math!" I whined and Ashton walked in and got his. "Hi Syd!" "Hi." I said. "Wazzzzzzzzuuuup?" "Okay, what's wrong because you're acting strange." "Oh, school does things to people, crazy things." Ashton stated and I couldn't help but laugh. "So what do you have for classes?" He asked. We gave each other our schedules and it appeared we had almost all the same classes, except he had art and I had band and we didn't have science together either. Calum then walked in and got his schedule, which I walked up and took, looking through it. "Hey! I should get to see it first!" "No you should let your girlfriend see it first." "Oh, so now you're my girlfriend?" I blushed. He had all but math, science, language arts, and band with me- he had art, too btw.

Ashton and I went to math and sat next to each other. A really pretty girl wearing an All Time Low shirt walked in and looked for a seat to sit. She saw me, smiled, and asked if she could sit next to me. "Sure. I'm Sydney by the way." "I'm Sam. I love you're hair btw!" "Thanks yours too, it kinda reminds me of one of my friends. Oh and this is Ashton Irwin- he's a lot cuter when he's not drooling." I waved my hand in front of Ashton's gaze and he came back to Earth. "Huh- what?" "Ashton, stop staring at Sam and say hi!" He blushed but said, "Hi I'm Ashton." "I'm Sam." She sat down in front of Ashton and across from me. "So, Sam, are you new here?" "Not to the city, but to this school." "Cool, Syd just moved from Ohio about a month ago." "That's awesome, I've always wanted to go to the United States, especially Florida." "Florida is really pretty, but I prefer Cali. When we went, we would go to a cliff and watch the sun set. It was really magical." "Yeah, it would be awesome to be able to perform with the guys there!" "One day, Ash." I said. "Woah, you're in a band!?" "Yeah, we're called 5 Seconds of Summer, or 5SOS for short. I play the drums." "OMG I love drummers-" she winked, "-and I'll have to listen to them one time." Ashton was pink and I just giggled. The teacher walked in and said, "Hello class, I'm Ms. Huekler, I'll be teaching you guys math this year!" She seems nice. "The only homework I give you is a page- with like 5 questions- and I don't even check it!" She's awesome! "Okay, I'm finished talking, you guys can talk for the rest of the class."

After math, I headed to band. "Hi guys! I'm Mr. Ellis, just go to your section and talk for today. You get an easy day for today." I walked back to the percussion section and sat with four other people. I knew one of them. "Hi Sam. I didn't know you were a drummer." "Yeah, I've played for several years. I also play bass." An idea clicked. "Hey, would you like to come over today?" "Yeah, here give me your phone and I'll put my number in." I gave her mine and she gave me hers and we exchanged contacts- I also snuck Ashton's in there. We talked a bit more, and found out we literally have the exact same schedule, who woulda known! We had a great time but after the bell rang, we went to our next class, science.

After science was lunch, then language arts, then we had social studies. Finally, a class with Calum! Not that I cared... (jk). "Hey princess, who's this?" "This is Sam. Sam, this is Calum." Luke walked in. "And this is Luke. Luke, this is Sam." "Nice to meet you Sam. This is my girlfriend." I blushed. "Am not. Yet." I mumbled the last part under my breath but I'm pretty sure Calum heard. The late bell rang and we sat down. 5 minutes later, Michael and Ashton walked in. "Already guys? You don't have to be late to every single class. The teacher's name was Mrs. Johnston and I didn't like her she said we couldn't talk, but we did anyway. She was the only teacher who gave me homework. After the long and boring lecture, we went to study hall, all of us, together. Calum snuck his arm around me and Ashton and Sam talked. "So, I was wondering if I could come over today...?" "Sure, Calum! But Sam will be no sex." "We could invite Ashton over and she wouldn't even know you were gone..." I hit his arm playfully and we both died of laughter. "But seriously, Sydney-" He got down on one knee and got a box from his pocket, "-will you do me the favor of becoming my girlfriend?" My heart jumped as he opened the box and I saw the promise ring.

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