Sydney just moved from Ohio to Australia to hang out with her soon-to-be stepbrother, Blake Green. Blake's band member, Ashton Irwin, is Syd's "brother" as soon as they meet. But after Ashton is kicked out of his band and joins 5sos will they stay close, or will they fall apart?


4. City Eyz

Blake and I decided to call our band City Eyz. For our first practice we played a couple songs that had good electric guitar and drum parts. We decided we needed a bass, but would look later. We also decided that we could all sing, and COULD WE SING!

"Wow you guys are awesome!!" A voice said.




I was heading over to Luke's house when I remembered my promise to Syd. I quickly turned towards Syd's house and when I got their I heard music. I let myself in and followed it to the garage. I snuck in and saw Blake and Sydney playing 'F***ing Perfect by Pink'. "Wow you guys are awesome!!" I yelled.

They both jumped and I, as usual, laughed.

"Ashton you can't just SNEAK into our house all the time!" exclaimed Syd. "I know. But I heard music so I decided to come in." I retorted. "Don't you have practice?" Barked Blake. "Uhh yea. That's why I'm here...I...uh...I promised Syd..." I stuttered. "Oh yeah! I totally forgot!" Syd proclaimed getting up and walking towards me. "Bye Blake! Love you!!" she yelled before we left the house.




I've only seen her once, but she's so beautiful!

Why couldn't I stop thinking about her?! I've literally seen her ONCE! I decided to text Ashton for advice.

C:Hey Ashton. I need you're help.

A: With what?

C: She's so beautiful!

A: Called it!

C: Called what?

A: oh nothing.






Sydney's POV:


We finally made it to Ashton's practice after a long, quiet car ride. Ashton just opened the door and walked in gesturing me to do the same. "We're here!!" Ashton screamed. "Who's we-" Luke started but walked in and saw me. "Oh hi Syd..." "Hi Luke..." I said. Then Mikey walked in. "Pizza?" "Sure!"

Hmm...still no sign of Calum..

I ate like two pieces of pizza and just as I got some pizza sauce on my shirt, Calum walked in.

"Nervous, are we?" "Shut up Ashton," I retorted. Meanwhile, Mikey was over there laughing his ass off."

"Hi Sydney. What happened to your shirt?!"

"Oh...uhhhh...I dropped a pepperoni on my shirt." I half laughed.

"I do that all the time...which probably isn't something to brag about." His skin tone had a pink to it now.

"What a beautiful budding romance!" Michael yelled, with a hint of jealousy, and Calum's face was now as red as blood.

Luke and Ashton let out an awkward laugh/cough and Michael and Calum calmed down. "Who wants to go to the beach?"Luke asked. "MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" I screamed running out of the pizzeria and towards the beach. It wasn't until five minutes later I realized I had NO idea where I was. "Shit! I'm a total mess up! What the hell have I done?"


Michael's POV:


I really think she's pretty, but she obviously likes Calum. Nobody goes for someone like me. It's always Luke or Calum.

"MICHAEL!" "Huh. What?" "We have to go get Sydney." Ashton replied. "Oh yeah. To the beach." "Yeah...duh let's go."




"She's not here." Ashton said. "What are we going to do?" "Maybe she went home..." "Or maybe SHE DOESN'T KNOW THE AREA, LUCAS, WE'RE IDIOTS!!!" "WE HAVE TO FIND HER!"

SHIT! The girl I like just got away and is probably dead!!


Sydney's POV: sexual content read if you dare


I grab my phone to call Ashton, but it turns out to be dead. It's okay they are probably having fun without you and your idiot self. "I'm so ignorant!" 

"How so babe? A pretty girl as yourself shouldn't be calling them self ignorant." "Who are you and where did you come from?" I asked him. "You don't need to know my name all you need to know is I'm here to help. Follow me." "Okay."

We go to his car and he asks where I'm headed. I tell him where Ashton lives and we start driving. " missed the turn. It was right back there. I think." "No it's not, I always go this way." "Oh okay. I'll have to tell Ash." "Who's he?" "Oh a friend of mine. We met when-" "Here we are." "No...this isn't Ash's-" It all went black.

When I woke up, my hands were chained to a bed and my legs were tied to the foot of it. "Good Morning babe." "Don't call me babe." "Do you not like that, huh babe?" He said climbing on top of me. "What are you doing? Get off of me!" "And what are YOU going to do about it, huh?" He said, making contact to my lips. He moved from my lips to my jawline, and from there, to my neck, giving me a hickie that hurt like hell. "Pl...please stop." "I'm good." With that he ripped my shirt off of me, then following my pants. He then unclasped my bra and my boobs were bare and naked. I felt so uncomfortable. He then moved his head to my panties and pulled them down with his teeth. He then sucked on my right nipple and it really hurt after a while. "Please don't do this." "But babe, the fun is just beginning." He pulled off his clothes and grabbed a condom. "Pleeeeeaaaasssseee!" "Okay fine babe, if you say so." "Thank yo-I thought you were stop-agh.'' "You like that, princess." I shook my head. "No." "You wi-" "How could I like it if I can't run my fingers through your hair, or leave scratches on your back so you can remember this pleasurable moment?" "You're right." He unchained me and I flipped him over and rode him. I broke the kiss, grabbed the blindfold and said, "This next part is a surprise so put this on until I'm ready, okay babe?" He nodded and licked his lips, putting on the blindfold. I stood up and put my clothes back on. "What's taking so long, princess?" "Don't take your blindfold off or I won't blow you!!" I squeaked and grabbed the handcuffs, quieting them as much as i could. "Okay- wh- what are you doing!?" He yelled as I chained him to the bed. "How does it feel, babe?" I glanced at his phone, grabbed if and took off his blindfold. "Tell me your password and I'll let you go." "7196" I typed in his password and texted his mom. Your son is chained to the bed right now, naked. He raped me and I got free. Come over and let him go in an hour, when I'm safe at home. Thanks, bye.  Next I called Ash and told him where I was, I told him the approximate location so this man wouldn't die. "Bye, babe" I spat. "Oh and by the way, your mom is on her way, she'll be here in an hour to let you go. Bye." "FUCK YOU!! I know where your friend lives and I'll kill him if you don't come back here right now." "First of all, you already fucked me with your 2 inch dick and second of all, I gave you the address to the park I told him to meet me at if I ever got lost here. So bye!" I said jogging out of the house and going to the stop sign.










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