Sydney just moved from Ohio to Australia to hang out with her soon-to-be stepbrother, Blake Green. Blake's band member, Ashton Irwin, is Syd's "brother" as soon as they meet. But after Ashton is kicked out of his band and joins 5sos will they stay close, or will they fall apart?


2. Aussie

When I got off the plane I got really tired...eighteen hours can do a lot to a girl! I looked for the sign that had my name after getting my bags but it was really hard because I have no idea who my soon-to-be stepbrother is. I finally see my name on a sign connected to a hand of a really tall dude. I look at his face and almost faint from excitement!! He was really hot! I walk over to him as casual as possible and say hi. "Hi you must be Sydney, right?" "Umm...uh...yea that's me" I said. Keep it together Syd! "Sucks that you're my to-be stepsister or I would love to get a piece of that!" He said. "Ha! Sure...I'm so ew and you're so..." I stopped myself. Thank goodness! "Ooh I make you nervous, I like that." He said while smirking.

"So I...I uh...didn't catch your name" I said. "It's Blake" he said. The rest of the ride home was pretty quiet until we pulled into the driveway. "OMG THIS IS HUGE!!!" I screamed. I quickly grabbed all my bags and ran inside. Blake helped me with some of my bags and took me to my room. "This is amazing!" I yelled and Blake said, " I hate to leave so soon but I have band practice in like 10 minutes so...." "No it's fine I understand. What's your band called?" I asked. "It's called Swallow the Goldfish" he said. "Ok cool well...see you around." I said. "Bye" we said simultaneously. After that he ran out of the house and left.

"Guess I'm by myself" I said. "Good!" I quickly opened one of my bags and pulled out my phone and my Bluetooth speaker. I hooked it up and played 'Happy Working Song' from 'Enchanted' as I cleaned and decorated my room. Five songs later (I was on Welcome to the Black Parade by MCR) I heard the front door open, following a lot of voices. I grabbed my mace and walked downstairs. Just as I was about to spray it, Blake walked in and said, "It's just me and a friend, calm down" "Ok" I said, loosening up. I saw the other guy walk in and he caught my eye. "Oh um Syd, this is Ashton Irwin" he said. "H...Hi" I stuttered. I was staring at Ashton Irwin.

A days after meeting Ashton, we were already like family. "So I'm thinking about going to this other band" Ash was telling me. "What why?" I asked. "Because Blake kicked me out..." He explained. "Awe Ashy I'm so sorry, but glad you're moving on so what's the band called?" I said. "They are called 5 Seconds of Summer and they include..." He started. "AHHHH!!! ASHY YOU HAAAVVE TO BE IN THAT BAND!!!" I screamed. "But why?" He asked.


After a lot of explaining he finally understood that I really liked Calum Hood and the other two were cute as well. He also understood that they needed a drummer and are all two years younger than him. "Wow that'll make me cool" Ash said sarcastically. "Well, if they get famous, it'll make youuu famous soooo...." I explained. "AHHHH SYD I NEVER REALIZED THAT!!!!" He yelled quite sarcastically. " Ashy that hurts my ears when you yell like that!" I whined. "Oh...sorry." "It's ok." "You know what..." He started, "I think I'll do it!" He said.

______Ashton's POV:_________________________________

I immediately texted Luke as soon as Syd told me that. Hey, I'd love 2 b in ur band! When's ur nxt practice?

Saturday at 430

I'm officially in a band, I thought

"IM OFFICIALLY IN A BAND!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I hope I'm good enough for them...

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