Sydney just moved from Ohio to Australia to hang out with her soon-to-be stepbrother, Blake Green. Blake's band member, Ashton Irwin, is Syd's "brother" as soon as they meet. But after Ashton is kicked out of his band and joins 5sos will they stay close, or will they fall apart?


8. A Date With Hemmings

Luke's POV:

Today was my date with Sydney. I put on a Blink-182 shirt and ripped black jeans. I put my hair in its usual fringe and decided to text the boys to make a cover today.

L: Hey guys, feel like making a cover today?

A: Sure, what time?

L: Noon?

A: Okay

C: See ya then

A: Is Michael still asleep?

L: Yeah, probably

M: Not anymore, my phone was buzzing like crazy!

A: So you will be up at noon, see ya then!


Calum's POV:


I showed up at Luke's house around 11:45, what I was hungry, grabbed a bowl and made cereal, then headed downstairs.

" 'Sup Lukey-Pukey" "Hi Calum." "What are we covering today?" "I was actually going to let you pick!" "Really?"  "Sure, why not?" "Okay, can we play 'Next To You' by Chris Brown and Justin Bieber?" "Yeah I'll look up the music for it." "Okay."

"Hi guys." Aston said, walking in with Michael. "The cover we're doing today is 'Next To You' by Chris Brown and Justin Bieber." "Okay!"

"I have a good feeling about this cover, guys!" Luke said as he signed onto YouTube and uploaded our cover. "Well I gotta go, see ya guys!" "Bye, Calum!"

Luke's POV:

It was 6:00 now and the boys had already left. I texted Sydney and told her to wear something nice, then I decided to start getting ready. By the time I got out of the shower, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair, and got dressed, It was 7:00 so I decided to head to Sydney's house.

Sydney's POV:

It was 6:30 so I hopped in the shower and put on my music. I got out of the shower around 7:00 and checked my phone.

Wear something nice for tonight, see ya soon. -Lu

I went to my closet and got out my blue dress and black heels. I did a smokey eye and curled my hair. I got out my blue wallet, put my stuff inside it, and put it by the couch. I brushed my teeth again, for the fourth time.


I grabbed my wallet and opened the door. " look beautiful." I blushed. "Better close that mouth before you catch flies." "Haha, yea!" "We better go before we lose our reservation. "Let's go then!" Luke opened the door for me and hopped in on the other side.

When we got to 'Quay', the restaurant Luke took me to, we went inside and sat down. Luke and I both got the filet mignon with a coke to share. We pretty much talked about everything and when the check came, I reached for my purse to pay but Luke simply said, "No, no, I got it." I tried to argue with him but he had already sent the waitress off with his card. "Luke, I could have paid for myself, ya know!" "I do know, but that's not right." "My ex never paid for me..." "Well then, you had a shitty ex, no offense." "Yeah, he cheated on me three times because I wouldn't have sex with him!" "Why'd you stay with him?" "Because, I thought that I deserved it." "Well, you don't deserve a guy that never asks you out, and if he does he's late, and when the check comes he always makes you pay, I wouldn't do that! No guy should, just saying." "He did though, but its fine." "Okay." Luke pulled out my chair and we left.

"Okay, one more place! Just put this blindfold on." "Okay."

We drove for a couple miles and stopped. Luke got out of the car, opened my door, and walked me up a long walkway. He sat me down on a bench and said, "On the count if three, take off the blindfold.!" I took of my blindfold and stood up. We were at an overlook that stretched over all of Sydney! "Luke, it's so pretty!" "Yeah, I go here to calm down when I'm nervous or stressed." "I would to! It's a good place to get disconnected! You can turn off the static sound of the city and be in your own little world. Luke, it's like you can literally put the world away." "I like how you said that. Maybe I'll make a song for you one day! "That would be awesome! You know, this is a good place to-" "I totally agree with you!" With that, Luke leaned in and our lips connected. They were in sync and Luke begged for entrance. I let him in and we continued sucking faces for a while. It wasn't until my phone buzzed that we released, but the feelings still lingered.

"Hello? Syd, where are you?" "On my way home right now! Be home in 20 minutes!" "Okay bye, love you." "Love you too! Bye."

I gave Luke a glance and he grabbed my hand and walked me to the car. He opened the door and we went home.

"You sure you don't want to come in?" "Positive. I have to go check on my mom." "Okay, so I guess this is goo-" Luke kissed me again, not for as long, but just as passionately. "Bye." He spoke on my lips. "Bye."

And with that, our magical date was over.

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