Sydney just moved from Ohio to Australia to hang out with her soon-to-be stepbrother, Blake Green. Blake's band member, Ashton Irwin, is Syd's "brother" as soon as they meet. But after Ashton is kicked out of his band and joins 5sos will they stay close, or will they fall apart?


3. 5 Seconds of Summer


"Where is he?" I asked to nobody, but Michael answered "How would we know?" At that, Calum opened the door to its knocking, "Hey man, we were just talkin about you!" He said. "Oh sorry I'm late I was hanging out with a friend of mine who, by the way, loves your band." Ashton said. "Cool our first fan!!" Michael yelled and we all laughed. "What's her name?" I asked. "Oh...umm...Sydney Lynn Chaston." He answered. "Cool we'll look her up" Calum said. "Let's go practice!" Michael offered. "YEA!!" We all yelled.


Man we were AWESOME!! Like this is amazing...way better than me and Blake. I'm not saying Blake was bad, we just didn't have the same connection me and the guys have. "That was AMAZING!!" Michael screamed. "Yea" the rest of us said. "Anyone wanna play some FIFA?" Luke asked. "No, I have to go hang out with Syd..." "Oh okay tell her I said hi." Calum said. "Alright" I said, giggling. "Why are you giggling, Ashton?" Michael questioned. "Nothing it's just...CALUMS HER FAVORITE!" I blurted out. "Ooh, Calum's gotta admirer." Luke replied. Calum was now blushing so I simply said "haha totally" and left.


"WHAT HAPPENED TELL ME EVERYTHING!!" I yelled to Ash as soon as he opened the door. "It was really awesome like we played like I've never played before!" Ashton told me. "That's awesome, but better than you played with my brother?" I asked him, with a hint of sadness in my voice. "Well...yea...but your brother's still really good..." He said. "Oh." I said leaving it at that because it was a saddening topic. "Hey, Syd..." Ashton started. "No it's fine..." I told him, but didn't think that. "Calum said hi by the way..." "No he DID NOT!" I said getting really excited. "Yea, he also said he'd like to meet you..." "Liar" I yelled reading his face. "Well no but I'm bringing you to our next practice anyway." Ashton replied. "YASSSSS" I yelled hissing the 's'. Ashton just giggled and smiled with his dimples. "Let's go watch some movies!" Ashton yelled all of a sudden. "Yaaaay" said I. So we watched Nemo, Brave, Mean Girls, Pitch Perfect, and another movie I forget what it was called. It was now 1200 so, Ashton went home and I went to hang out with Blake.

I ran into his room and caught him with some slut. Blake saw me and said, "Syd it's not what it looks like!" "Oh yeah, cuz to me it looks like your banging some girl I've never SEEN before!!" I yelled, running out of the house, tears streaming down my cheeks. I reached for my phone to call Ashton but, I left it in the house and I wasn't going back to get it. So I walked several blocks away from my house.

I soon heard footsteps behind me so I started jogging. The footsteps started jogging so I started running. So on and so fourth till I was at a full on sprint (I'm glad I've been in track since 6th grade)! I rounded a couple corners so I would lose him but, at the last corner, I ran into a guy walking around the block. "Please help me, I'm being followed!!" I begged him. "Ok, come this way." I followed him to his house and went inside. Inside, his mom greeted me with a comforting hug and asking me where I live. She told me her name and I couldn't help but think I knew that name from somewhere.

Hemmings, Hemmings where do I know that from? I thought to myself. Then another boy walked in and it clicked. Luke Hemmings I realized. "Hi I'm Luke." The boy said. "Hi I'm Sydney Chaston" I told him


Where do I know that name from?

"Do I know you from somewhere?" I asked her. " I know you, huge fan by the way." She replied. Huge fan...Didn't Michael saying something about our only fan earlier...

"Ashton" I said.

"What?" They all replied.

"You know Ashton Irwin, right?"

"Yea but how'd you..."

"He told us about you at practice today."


Why did I have to sleep with...uhhh...Caroline...I think that was her name!? I told myself. I'm such a jerk!!! Now I can't find Syd!!! "Syd!" I yelled. "SYYYYDDD!" I repeated. Ok I need to text someone.


Hey is Syd with you?-B

No why? Where is she?-A

She ran away and I can't find her!-B


Yea I can't find her anywhere-B




Tell me! -A

Do you think the rapist in the neighborhood got her? -B

Omg no I hope not, I'll be there in five and I'll call my friends to help!!-A

Ok sounds good! -B

5 Minutes Later:

Hey Blake, we found her!-A


She was with me.-L

Who are you?-B

He's Luke, he's the band. -A

Oh -B

Glad we found her! She'll be home in 5 minutes -A


In a matter of one hour I caught my brother having sex with some random chick, ran away, was chased by a rapist, and met Luke Hemmings!

How weird

"BLAKE!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. "Whatchu want BITCH!?" We have this thing where we call each other bad names so it's cool. "I just wanted to ask if you wanted to go to the pool, dickhead!" I replied. "Yaaaaassssssssss!" He hissed. "Ashton and his friends are going!" "Ok"

Ten minutes later, Blake and I were on our way to the pool. Ashton, Luke, Michael, and Calum rode separate. 'Teenagers by MCR' came on and we started screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs and dancing, too. After the song was over, we got out of the car, for we were there, and went inside the gates to the community's pool, after signing in, of course. Ashton and the boys were already there.

Michael ran over and picked me up, I don't even know you!

He then ran to the pool and threw me in! "MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD! YOU....ARE....SOOOOOOO....DEAD!!!" He then proceeded to run and, since I was in track/field and really strong, I caught him, picked him up, and threw him in the pool.

"Damn Syd! You're strong!!" Ashton said.

"Ha yea Ohio I played soccer, track, and football, so I had to exercise a lot, like, three hours in the morning and afternoon."

"That's cool. Do you play any instruments?" Interrogated Calum.

"Yea...uh the bass, the guitar, the piano, and the drums sorta." I retorted.

"Cool. Cuz uh we need a better electric guitarist. Michael SUCKS!!"

"Yea almost as much as YOUR MOM did LAST NIGHT WITH ME!!!" Michael steamed.

After the pool, Blake and I went home. "So Syd, what if I asked you to be in my band?"

"Blake!! I'd love to! What do I play?"

"Umm...the drums silly!" He said, strangling me and then proceeding to a full on play-fight between us.

This day was AWESOME!!

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