Monster High: Flamed

Ember Sparkles is a new hybrid ghoul who's part faery and part dragon.


1. Rough Days

Monster High has welcomed many different kinds of monsters for years, unlike the ones that are strict on one particular monster, like the vampire, and werewolf schools. 

Monster High is about accepting your own, and each other's flaws. It's ok to be different. Monster High is a unity of monsters who'd fight for the school, who'd fight for what they believe in; acceptance. 

Of course, there are few minor bullies, but they're there when it comes to the fight. I had my fair share of bad days – of course I always have long before I was admitted. 

My name is Ember Sparkles, and I'm seventeen in Faery Time. If you don't understand what I mean by "Faery Time" I mean that my world is different from yours. Faery Time runs slower than the physical realm. 

In the Otherworld, there are creatures like me. My father's a dragon, and my mother's a faery you get the rest. 

Some confuse me for a fire faery because of my flaming outfits, ginger hair, and fire magic. I have a temper I can't control so easily. When that happens, I am VERY scary when I shift into my draconic appearance. 

I have sharp teeth, more scales on my face, and claws, as a dragon. My transparent silvery blue insect wings still remain the same. I'm told that my eyes are the scariest part. My pupil shifts, and my eyes glow pure golden orange.

Upon arriving at Monster High, I hoped no one would notice me, the new girl walking in through the doors. 

I always keep to myself. I don't like to be involved in anything that involved socialising. I'm very withdrawn. 

After I entered the doors of the school, I saw it all, every different kind of monster walking by. Few hung out at the lockers; a mummy, a gorgon, a zombie, and a stitched mint green monster with bolts in her neck. 

A werewolf, a sea monster, and a vampire arrived at the lockers. The group talked about something. It's difficult to hear over the crowd.

Anyway, I didn't bother. There were tons of other interesting monsters to look at. Is that Cyclops with a Minotaur?

I saw there were others like me, well...hybrids, not exactly like me. A Yeti dressed in snowy winter clothes, approached me, "Hi, I am Abbey. I come to show you 'round Monster High." I didn't say anything, but she didn't seem to expect that from me. 

She got me to follow her to the other monsters at the lockers. She introduced them, "These are my friends, Cleo, Deuce, Ghoulia, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Lagoona, and Frankie." 

Frankie smiled brightly, "We are so stoked to have you here. Uh...sorry what was your name?" 

I sighed, "Ember, Ember Sparkles." 

Cleo snared, "Her voice is so monotone." 

Frankie said, "Cleo, she's probably just shy. You remember what it was like for me here when I was new, I didn't know anyone either. I'm sure once she makes some friends here, she'll come out of her shell." 

I'm not shy, not really. Abbey took me on a tour around the school, pointing out everything, never missing one detail. 

A boy with red hair came rushing toward us, "Hey Abby!" His hair flamed with glowing eyes when he saw me, "Who is this fine flame?"

Abbey introduced, "This is Ember." He attempted to be smooth with me, "The name's Heath, Heath Burns." 

Again, I didn't speak. He looked a bit worried, scratching the back of his neck, "She doesn't talk much, does she?" 

She replied, "No, and you seem to forget about you and me."

He stammered for words, "You and me?, no! Abbey,'re the only ice in my...uh..." 

She looked away, taking me with her, "Heath, a guy who moves from ghoul to ghoul. I do not know what I see in him. He tried hard to impress me."

Abbey and Heath have a strange relationship. Ice and fire, does that even mix well? Fire melts ice, and ice freezes fire. During my first class, a paper plane landed right on my desk. I unfolded it, 

Meet me after class


I groaned, annoyed. What does Heath want with me anyway? After class ended, I waited out. I want to get this over and done with. 

A werecat walked out from the corner, "Maw, did you really think Heath would send you that letter? He's with Abbey after all."

Argh! This was a trick!? How did she even know about it, was she there when Heath saw me? 

"I'm sorry did I hurt your feelings?" She continued, "How cruel of me." She was taking in all the pleasure of just being a horrible ghoul. I felt a boil inside of me, a steam setting off. 

She pushed and shoved, teasing me. The twin werecats giggled along. A voice called, "Leave her alone!" When we looked it was, a normie? 

The werecats chuckled, "Then what are you going to do?" He frowned and popped on his headphones, playing music on his iCoffin. Fire burned away his normie features and into a blue guy with an irritating voice, "HEEEEYEAH!" 

The werecats hissed, and he went in and fought them off until they just ran away. I have no idea, but this guy is even weirder.

He looked down at me, "Those cats won't be comin' around anytime soon!" I fluttered to my feet, "Thanks..." 

He said before taking off down the hall, "Anytime, Fire Flare!" I looked down, thinking to myself, 'What just happened?'

At the Creepeteria, the werecats sat together, soaked trying to dry themselves off. Did that weird blue guy got them wet somehow?

A pour of worms and mush hit my plate. Not something I'd eat but...worms are nutritious, aren't they? 

Looking over, I saw Heath with Abbey and her friends. I sat at a spare table alone, well, not completely. One end was taken up by a Cyclops and Minotaur, so I decided to take the other. 

The Cyclops waved at me, "Hi." The Minotaur looked like he was trying to grin. I just waved a little and went back to eating this grub on my plate. 

The normie from before came over, "Hey." He said softly, "Are you ok?" I nodded without a word. 

He sat, "Sorry about Toralei, and the mischievous twins getting to you." I sighed, "Why did you help?"

"Because I know what it's like not to fit in anywhere. I'm part normie, and's hard for someone like me when Holt is not around." 


"Oh, he's the monster side of me. I'm Jackson by the way."

I smiled a little, "Ember."

He cleared his throat, "Just curious, what were they teasing you about?" I poked the grub with the fork, "Just something stupid, it doesn't matter." 

"Yeah, they do that. They pick on you for whatever makes them jealous or just for satisfaction."

I sighed, "Every school has a bully."

I went to my locker to pick up books for my next subject, Mad Science. I looked over to see Heath and Abbey walking to class hand-in-hand. I feel like everywhere I go, I see them. 

And then there's Cleo and Deuce walking together down the hall. Lagoona is with a fresh water monster, and Draculaura is with a werewolf? I would never have guessed. 

A voice came from behind, "Bad day?" It was Frankie, "Jackson told me what happened with you and Toralei. You shouldn't let her get to you. She may be rough around the edges but, not all the time. I know what it's like to feel like you don't belong. My first day here at Monster High was a major bummer. I made a bad first impression on Cleo, being clumsy and all. The thing is, we all have flaws, and you should love yourself no matter what." 

Her hand placed on my shoulder, and I jerked away. I don't like the feeling of being touched, it's unnerving and in a way, offensive without permission.

She gave an awkward expression, "Oh, sorry. I guess you don't like being touched, huh?" She pointed away as she said, "I'm going to class now. If you need me, don't be afraid to ask."

I groaned. I have mixed feelings about this place. During Mad Science, the teacher Mr. Hackington gave us instruction on what to do when mixing chemicals. 

I saw Heath and Abby working together. I was paired up with Deuce. Cleo looked at us in pure jealousy. She got paired with Draculaura. 

Deuce is a nice guy, but I really don't see why he is with Cleo at all. She's not the friendliest ghoul around. In a way, she's like Toralei. 

Maybe he sees something in her that I don't. She has all these nice friends around her, maybe she isn't as bad as I would have thought. Or is she?

Deuce poured one blue chemical in from a test tube. It was my turn to pick one out to pour in next. 

I looked down at Heath, he poured one in, expecting something to go terribly wrong, but it didn't. He looked relieved.

I looked down at the tubes, seeing one colour that caught my eye; yellow. I poured it in. The combination of blue and yellow makes green. The potion puffed, and Deuce was impressed, "You're not too bad at this." 

Cleo growled, "What she can do, we can do better!" She took a random tube and poured it in. Draculaura tried to stop her, "No, no Cleo!" The potion combusted as red and green is not a good combination. 

Cleo was left with a khaki brown smudge on her face. Draculaura pointed out, "Um, Cleo, you have a little something on your face." She picked up a hand-held mirror and gasped in horror, "Oh. My. Ra!" 

Deuce tended to Cleo, "Hey, are you ok?" Cleo pushed him away, "You cannot see me like this!" 

With a hand resting on my cheek, I can't get what's up with that ghoul. She's so dramatic about everything. An explosion to the face is embarrassing, but there's no reason to make a scene about it. Honestly, almost everyone in this school is totally weird.

Something bounced off my head; a scrunched up piece of paper. I looked up to see Toralei, grinning and waving. I picked up the scrunched up paper and lit it on fire in my hand as I threw it back. 

Her eyes widened, the flaming ball flew directly at her. She ducked. The paper flew onto Frankie's head, "FIRE!" She ran around, panicking. 


The other students started freaking out too. Mr. Hackington tried to calm down the class, until a bucket of water hit Frankie in the face. She was relieved, "Oh thank you!" 

Mr. Hackington ordered her to sit. She walked back in embarrassment with soaking wet hair. He put the bucket back under the desk. 

Toralei giggled in amusement, "What a wreck." 

Mr. Hackington looked at the class, "Now, who is responsible for this mess!?"

Toralei yawned, she was pointing down at me. His eyes narrowed, "Ember Sparkles, I should have known you were trouble! Go to the Headmistress's office, now!"

I grabbed my books and went on my way. I looked at everyone else, feeling a sense of disappointment from them. I guess I really don't belong here after all.

Headmistress Bloodgood plopped off her head and sat it down on the desk, "I see you have caused quite a riot. For you to put such a bad impression on your first day is never good."

I found it strange to be talking to a head, "It wasn't my fault, you see...Toralei threw paper at me first, so I threw it back."

"Did you intend on setting the paper on fire when you threw it?"

Yes I did. I wanted pay back. I wished her fur would set on fire. The reply I gave to Headmistress Bloodgood was just silence. 

She raised an eyebrow, "Fire is dangerous, and by throwing it back, you're putting others at risk." She picked up her head back onto her body, "Our time here is done. You may return to class."

As I walked back, I thought to myself, 'I am never going to make it through the day without someone like Toralei, pushing me further.'

I have no friends here, and it's going to be tough to make any now after what I've done. There are those who say they know how it feels to not belong, but they're not friendless like me. It's not like I want a friend anyway. 

Sitting alone in the library, I read from the fiction section. Fairytales are always calming. It's the only place I can find peace. 

A Chinese dragon sat down in front of me with a book, "Studying alone, huh?" She said. I looked up at her, "Something like that." 

She read the cover, "Brothers Grimm, what class is this for?"

I closed the book, "None...I just like reading."

She replied, "I enjoy it too, sometimes. You're the new ghoul, aren't you, the one who set Frankie's hair on fire?"

My cheeks flushed, and my wings lowered in shame, "Oh, yeah..."

She gave sympathy, "I know what it's like to lose your temper. As a dragon, I have to control it, or I flame out. I can teach you inner peace, if you'd like."

My wings perked back up, "You would?"

She said, "Of course. It takes time and patience, but once you get the hang of it, you've learnt to control yourself better."

I thought about it, "I'll give it a try then. Thank you."

She smiled. We met at a field, where we sat together to meditate. We closed our eyes, breathing in and out slowly. 

Jinafire instructed, "Now, picture in your mind, a scenery of peace. You are part of the earth. Let all negativity flow into it."

After a while, I felt afloat, calmer. I know I can do this. 

A force pushed me over. I ended up rolling. Brushing off the dirt, my stress levels rose. I saw Toralei giggle and ran. What is up with that cat!?

Jinafire apologised for the trouble and helped me back up, "I am so mad, I can't stand her! Ever since I came here, she's been the worst!" My hair flamed. She tried to calm me down, but I refused to let her. This time, Toralei is getting it!

Down the street, I spotted her chuckling with the twins, probably talking about how she pushed me off the hill. It's my turn. 

I waved my hands. Toralei's coffee cup shook in her hand and the coffee exploded out onto her outfit. She screamed from the hot stain on her top. I grinned, revenge is sweet.

In a way, fairies are kind of like Toralei, but none as mean. Of course there are those who are very chaotic that can go beyond her harmless pranks. 

Fairies stick together like family. When it comes to normies, or monsters outside the realm, they plan the ultimate prank. Some are solitary, and can be dangerous. 

Fairies have a temper and will act on it if you make them angry. I have a temper of one, since I'm half fairy of course. It's very difficult to not act on it. 

Dragons on the other hand, are courageous and wise. I do hold some knowledge of things, and I'm the bravest half-breed. 

My weakness can never be told. If Toralei finds out and uses it against me, things may get a little more out of control than you think.

I just don't get what the deal is. Heath HAD a liking to me, so what, why stir up trouble just because of that? I don't like Heath, he's Abbey's. I would never steal anyone's boyfriend; it's just not in my nature to do that. 

This school is so strange, or maybe it's just me. Something is really wrong here. Frankie said she caused trouble on her first day, too. Maybe I can talk to her, apologise for what happened, and move on. 

I entered the doors. Everyone continued about the school like nothing happened the previous day I set Frankie's hair on fire. Maybe only the class knew and didn't bother to tell anyone else. 

There's Frankie right now, hanging by the lockers. I walked up, and then SLAM! Someone crashed into me. A rubbed my head. Toralei and the twins chuckled by. Grr! 

Heath came to the rescue. He offered a hand to help me up. I got up on my own and made a scene, "I'm fine, I don't need anyone helping me!" My hair flamed, and the pink scales on my forehead went dark and noticeable as my face shaped more dragon-like. Sharp teeth and claws grew out. I was scary enough for Heath to back up. 

My wings fluttered aggressively. The boiling rage inside me lost control. With fire blazing, I walked through the hall in search for Toralei and the twins. This time, I am not letting her get away with this!

I really don't know what Toralei's problem is. She just gets a kick out of picking on other students, did she live a bad childhood, or are all werecats this mischievous in nature?

Whatever it is, today is the day for payback. I close the locker carrying a couple of books ready for first period. 

Heath is standing by his, nervously glimpsing in my direction. Abbey shows up having a chat with him. I got to get myself over this. My parents ask me how my day went, and like a fairy, I can't lie. It's like a curse.

Frankie walked over, "Hey, I know about what happened yesterday, you know, with Toralei and the twins. I heard you had quite an outburst." 

I growled, "Yeah, so what?" 

She sighed and said, "All I'm saying is, you need to learn to take control of this before it all gets out of hand. This rage of yours, it's uh..." She continued nervously, "scaring people..." 

I don't care. I want every guy and ghoul to stay away from me. I hate everything, and everyone. 

Coming to this school was a bad idea. What were my parents thinking? Everyone can be accepted no matter what? This school is a joke! I don't feel accepted AT ALL. 

Turning to Frankie, holding the books close to my chest, I said, "So? I have no friends who hang around me, and I'd like to keep it that way, thank you." Frankie looked hurt. 

I walked by on my way to class. I don't even want to take back the things I've said. All I can think about is making Toralei cry.

Home Ick, baking up sweets is my speciality. Fairies are so tempted by anything sweet. Of course, being a hybrid, I'm not THAT tempted. I prefer spicy foods than cakes. 

Our assignment was to cook something unique, something that speaks to you, in other words, emotion. Looking down at the table, I thought, "rage" and "sadness". 

The partner sitting next to me all silent, we never once spoke a word to each other. I don't think she even wants to talk, not after my scary outburst yesterday which everyone knows about. The news around here sure spreads fast like wildfire. 

I took the ghost chilli, that's literally GHOST chilli. It's transparent and misty and burns super hot when you eat it. Taking more ingredients, I chopped it up and stirred it in a bowl. 

The great smell of a burning hot stew like this could burn off the hairs of your nostrils, but not literally. 

We had to wrap this up as soon as possible as the timer was close to ringing. By the time we finished, the teacher went from table to table to check off what we made. When he came to mine, wanting a taste of my boiling hot stew, he gave it a sip.

His face went red like a tomato with steam coming out his ears, "HOT!!!" He ran around to the sink in desperate need of some water to burn out the blistering red tongue that pulsated. 

I think I added one too many ghost chillies. Oh well. The teacher gave me a grade for creating the hottest food he's ever tasted.

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