Who chose me for this life?

This is a story about a fifteen year old girl and her step brother who was one year older than her. His family moved out, and she had to say goodbye. Will she be able to be without her other family?


9. Chapter 9

When you woke up Eli was sitting asleep with his back against the wall. What you didn’t know was that he stayed up all night last night to make sure you were okay. You carefully got up. When you stood up you winced from pain. You looked down and your hand was bruised slightly. You then turned and pulled up your shirt on one side to check the bruise. It was dark purple and it was covering your whole side. You let go of your shirt and it fell back to its place. Next you woke Eli up. You told him that you were going to go downstairs and then told him to go back to sleep. He nodded sleepily and then fell back asleep.

You walked back downstairs. When you got down there you went to the freezer and grabbed an ice pack and held it to your side. You hissed when it came into contact with your skin but still held it there. Then you pulled out your phone to check the time. Your phone was yet again filled with messages, but this time you smiled slightly at them. There were about ten messages from Sterling. Are you okay? one read. Are you sick today? and please reply im worried. You then realized that they were all from a couple hours ago. You replied saying ‘im at wendy’s place and im not really okay’.

You set your phone on the counter then went and got a box of cereal and poured yourself a bowl. It was a struggle because you couldn’t use one of your hands, but you managed. After you did that you brought it to the table. Before you sat down you grabbed your phone. Once you grabbed it then you went and sat down. You turned it on to find new messages from him. Why? What happened? And do you need me to come over? Or please reply I am worried. You typed in ‘dont worry. I'm fine. Eli's here with me.’ You sent it but got no reply.

You finished your cereal and brought it back to the kitchen and set it in the sink. You walked back to the living room and grabbed your sketchbook and pencil from earlier. After a while there was a mini Andy Biersack on the page playing guitar. You were about to draw CC playing drums but a knock on the door interrupted you. Your head shot up and a sense of fear coursed through you. As you were creeping towards the stairs to go get Eli a figure showed up in the window. It wasn’t a big figure with a balding head, but rather a skinny figure with short, brown hair. You opened the door.

“Sterling?” You asked weakly.

“Oh my gosh Addie. Are you okay?” He asked as he put his hands on your shoulders. You flinched and he quickly removed them. “How much do you hurt..?” He asked as he stepped in the door. Once he was in you closed and locked it.

“My whole arm is bruised. My stomach is the same. And best of all my hand is probably fractured so I have to draw with my left hand.” You added.

“Who… who did that to you?” Sterling asked.

“Guess.” you deadpanned. You turned and showed him your arm. He visibly was angry. But he didn’t know that was all. Then you lifted up your shirt up far enough so he could see the damage.

“Here. You come over here and sit. I will get you an ice pack.” He said while guiding you to the couch. You sat down. Then he went to the kitchen and you could hear him open the freezer. He came back moments later holding an ice pack out to you. You took the ice pack and pressed it gently against your skin. “What happened?” He asked quietly while looking up at you. You avoided his eyes and looked down.

“I- He.. Well, the other day after I dropped off the movies he… He grabbed my wrist and then, umm, slapped me. Then I came here… Earlier I got some… Bad texts from him so I went back and packed a bag of things to bring here and when I was there I wasn't paying attention to the time and he pulled up and came in… When I tried to run he grabbed me and threw me to the floor and kicked me in the stomach. Then I came back…” You explained quietly.

The next thing you know, you were being wrapped up in a hug. Of course, you had to be bruised everywhere so you flinched. He looked up and realized what he did.

“I'm so sorry.” He said, clearly feeling and that he hurt you.

“It's okay. It isn't your fault.” You said. He smiled a little and you rested your head on his shoulder. He wrapped an arm around you carefully. He watched you to make sure he wasn't hurting you, and he wasn't, so he left his arm there.


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